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The headline in Zero Hedge reads thus: “ISIS Planning US Nuclear Attack In Next 12 Months.” Is this a credible threat? It was made in an article penned by captured Western journalist John Cantlie in Isis own online magazine Dabiq. Zero Hedge reports: “ISIS claimed that it has enough money to buy a nuclear weapon from Pakistan and ‘carry out an attack inside the United States next year.’” The article goes on to explain how a nuke – could be easily smuggled into the US via its open southern border with Mexico.[i] The irony in all of this is that it was the CIA itself which got the whole ISIS ball rolling by training the fighters back in 2012 – dubbing them ‘moderate Syrian rebels’. It was all part of the quest to remake the entire Middle East – and specifically in this case, to bring down Syria’s President Assad.[ii] It has long been contended that al-Qaeda was a CIA created entity, employed to influence and achieve the desired ends of the American PTB in the Middle East. Many of these ... [More]


Most recently in this series, we’ve been looking at the struggle between Jesus and the Pharisees that punctuated his entire ministry. We found that many of the Pharisees seemed motivated by their connections to the pagan religious systems that had filtered down from the days of Babylon and Nimrod and Semiramis. The Jewish version of this emerging cult gave birth to Kaballah and its offshoot, Gnosticism. It has continued through the centuries, ensconced in the inner trappings of the secret societies, including the higher levels of modern-day Masonry. This struggle did not end with the conclusion of Christ’s earthly ministry. It continues to this day – with implications for even the End of the Age. Implications Now, comprehending the nature of the struggle between the Pharisees and the Son of God, it becomes easier to understand Jesus’ words of condemnation found in the eighth chapter of John’s Gospel. It is there we find that Christ draws a clear distinction between the world ... [More]


In the beginning, America was dedicated to God. We followed godly principles – and we prospered. But we have left our first love. America and the West has abandoned their Judeo-Christian foundations and replaced them with Humanism. In the process we’ve adopted a post-modern mindset with its accompanying personal morality. TRUTH, in that bizzaro world – is what each individual believes it is. It is a recipe for chaos…and chaos is what we have achieved. PART III - THE CHALLENGE: REPENTANCE TO HEALING While our nation and the West have wandered far from the Biblical ideal; we in the Church are not innocent in the fall of our culture. We’ve contributed through our silence and inactivity and lack of zeal and unwillingness to stand the ground laid out for us by the Scriptures. We are commanded in Ephesians 6:13: “Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” (KJV) This is where we ended last time. The ... [More]


[AFTER A SHORT INTERRUPTION: WE NOW RETURN TO OUR REGULLARY SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING.] A few weeks ago we noted that Christ’s time on earth was marked and punctuated by His ongoing conflict with the Pharisees. It was they who opposed Him at every turn – and they who eventually engineered His crucifixion. In PART XXXI we introduced a rather controversial concept: Instead of just being a confused – albeit selfish group of individuals – they actually may have been working for the other team. The mindset, if not the trappings of paganism may have indeed snuck in to their way of viewing the world. Some Pharisaic sects seem to have laid the foundations for modern-day Kabala, that Jewish form of the occult. They had been compromised by the religions of the peoples that they had once conquered, just as their ancestors had once offered even their children to the pagan gods Baal and Ashtoreth. Further, the Pharisees had been influenced by some of the practices of the ancient Babylonian Magi – in ... [More]


We began PART I by looking at where we came from. America began as a nation dedicated to God; the natural child of the Reformation philosophy that understood the preeminent role of God and His Word in the proper ordering of the world. We then traced our fall. Willingly blinded by the lies of the Enemy, we fell victim to Humanism – the enthronement of Man as the measure of all things - and Materialism – the notion that nothing existed but matter. And thus the chaos came; a wound of our own choosing. In the course of things – and in the words of Lincoln: “We have forgotten God!” Thus we lost our way. And for the majority of our culture: The voice of God began to fade into distant memory. PART II - A LOSS OF DISCERNMENT Ah the New Reality! To those of us who are say – over 40, perhaps over 50 – it is really quite stunning. America is not the America that we grew up in. The experience is the same in the West and all across the globe. This is not the same world into which we were ... [More]