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We all know that last week Turkey decided it would be a good idea to shoot down a Russian warplane. The pilots parachuted and then one of them was subsequently killed by al-Qaeda. Now Turkey is a member of NATO – and them makes them intimate allies of the United States. And that’s a big problem – because just about nobody believes that Turkey would do that without the permission of the US. So the question surfaces is: Is the US trying to pick a fight with Russia? And the follow-up question is: How stupid is that? This situation is quickly heating up. The Turkish Prime Minister has admitted ordering the shoot down. So Russia bombs a Turkish convoy…..carrying ISIS oil. Because the Turks have been protecting ISIS in exchange for Syrian oil that ISIS has captured. And the US is using ISIS to try and bring down Assad. That’s not because we are just great humanitarians. That struggle is all about oil. Syria is the key to the location of competing oil pipelines between the US and its allies ... [More]

Yeah…..there’s Good News……

GOP Candidates Bare Their Souls at Thanksgiving-Themed Christian Forum Christian conservatives attending the Presidential Family forum in Des Moines, IA, Friday evening listened to seven Republican presidential candidates share personal, emotionally charged stories regarding praying for God’s help, asking for forgiveness for mistakes, or questioning God for the suffering they were experiencing. A Des Moines Register reporter stated, that “at times, it took on the confessional, open-hearted mood of a small group Bible study discussion.”[i]  UK Prime Minister Says His Government Supports the Persecuted Church UK Prime Minister David Cameron visited Open Doors UK and Ireland, as it celebrates 60 years of work supporting persecuted Christians throughout the world. In the midst of the current global turmoil, Open Doors is working to support people who suffer for their Christian faith.[ii] NCIS Actress Pauley Perrette Comforted at Church after Attack by Mentally Disturbed ... [More]


Yes, we did skip last week because of the extremely important news coming out of Paris. But last time out we chronicled how during the first centuries of the Church, what had started as a primarily Jewish institution morphed into a Gentile one. In the process replacing its Hebrew roots with Greek philosophy and in some instances, outright paganism. We saw that over time, the Church became increasingly hostile to the Jewish people resulting in expulsion, persecution and murder. This was a course often approved and encouraged by the Church Fathers. This hostility led to the pogroms in Russia, and laid the intellectual foundation for the Holocaust. It also gave birth to something called Replacement Theology, which holds that Israel forfeited the promises of God – and that instead these belonged to the Church. That explains why the Vatican believes even today that it has the right to claim control over Jerusalem and the Holy Land. But that is NOT God’s plan as it is laid out in His Word. ... [More]


WATCH HIM ON THE RADIO …..and then watch Monday Night Football, ‘cause that’s what he’ll do. Rob will be on the radio …..internet radio …….on or on Monday, November 23, from 7PM to 8:30PM. He’ll be weighing in on Paris, Immigration, the Illuminati One World Plan and Islam.   (We’ll give you a hint …….It’s all connected.) So join us then …….and even call in if you want. ... [More]


“Set the trumpet to your lips! One like a vulture is over the house of the Lord, because they have transgressed my covenant and rebelled against my law….For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” (Hosea 8:1, 7) (ESV) Paris was a watershed moment! I believe that when we look back at this several years from now from the perch of history we will see it for what is is……and what it will usher in. On 9/11 the war commenced. That event was Hitler rushing in to Poland. The decades pervious were the run up to the war; the Lebanon barracks bombing, the attack on the USS Cole, the first attempt to blow up the Twin Towers. Then came the events of September 11th – and the American / Western reaction – always aimed at geopolitical ends. Always missing the driving factor behind the war; Islam itself. We know the details of ‘Paris’. A multiple site attack by gunmen and suicide bombers; a 15-year-old youth among them. [It must have been a sad realization when they saw that they ... [More]