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[Much material in this week’s installment was published before in the context of another series.  I believe however, it fits well with the subject we are tackling here.  And so it is with apologies that I offer it here again.]  Last time out we chronicled how during the first centuries of the Church, what had started as a primarily Jewish institution morphed into a Gentile one.  In the process replacing its Hebrew roots with Greek philosophy and in some instances, outright paganism.  We saw that over time, the Church became increasingly hostile to the Jewish people resulting in expulsion, persecution and murder.  This was a course often approved and encouraged by the Church Fathers.  This hostility led to the pogroms in Russia, and laid the intellectual foundation for the Holocaust.  It also gave birth to something called Replacement Theology, which holds that Israel forfeited the promises of God – and that instead these belonged to the Church.  That explains why the Vatican believes ... [More]

Yeah…there’s Good News

Rejected by Mosques, Muslim Refugees in the UK Are Turning to Christ – (News Staff: Jul 20, 2016: CBN News) Muslims seeking asylum in the United Kingdom are converting to Christianity at a parish church in the English Midlands, according to The Guardian. The UK publication reports that three to four Muslim migrants accept Christ each week at St. Mark’s church in Stoke-n-Trent. Some say they were first turned away from local mosques even though they were homeless and needed help. On one Saturday afternoon, 15 refugees were baptized at the church. Rev. Sally Smith presides over the congregation, and has allowed asylum seekers to stay in her own home. They were provided with meals, clothes, children’s shoes, and even their medical needs. Refugees who have made a dangerous trip across several continents end up being dropped off in Stoke. They learn by word of mouth that Smith will lend a helping hand. She said the church also becomes a family to those who find themselves alone. “With the ... [More]


A TURKISH (BLOOD) BATH – President Erdogan of Turkey is moving swiftly and brutally against his perceived enemies.  He has instituted a 3 month long state of emergency that gives him the freedom to address the situation without the hindrances of democratic checks and the rule of law to get in his way.  His forces have arrested 13,000 soldiers said to have taken part in the coup attempt.  Sources claim that they are being “raped, starved and left without water for days.”[i]  And now, Russia’s Sputnik News is reporting that Erdogan is publicly hinting that these 13,000 may be executed.  Seemignly in preparation for this, Turkey has left the European Human Rights Convention.[ii]  [It’s all part of a rich, Turkish tradition.  See the Armenian Genocide of WWI.] NEANDERTHAL MAMA –  (This story’s been around for a bit.)  A leading geneticist from Harvard Medical believes he can reconstruct the DNA of the long-extinct Neanderthal Man.  The Daily Mail reports: “His ambitious plan requires a ... [More]


[Editor’s Note:  Bishop William (Bill) Clark is a respected and influential servant of the Kingdom – locally, nationally and internationally.  He has served as the Senior Pastor of New Bethel Community Church in Buffalo, New York since 1997.    With his wife Antonia, he founded and still serves as a Director for Kingdom Reign International Ministries, “a global network of Ministry Leaders dedicated to church planting and leadership development across the world.”  His missionary work has taken him through much of the African continent as well as Cuba, Bangladesh, India and Israel.  I asked Pastor Bill to write something from his unique perspective, on the seething racial tensions that have been percolating these last several months.  This article is meant to serve as a companion piece to Issue #614 – which can be found on the website:] WHAT MATTERS MOST “What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the ... [More]


  Replacement Theology was not born of a philosophy so much as a natural / historical reaction to events; an attempt at accommodation.  Over the first few centuries of the modern era, the Christian Idea had overthrown what had been an almost exclusively pagan world.  Over time the ‘Jewishness’ of the institution had been at first watered-down and eventually almost entirely abandoned.  And influences from that conquered pagan world began to take their place.  It was that changing character of Christ’s Church that provided the fuel and the conditions that allowed it to go from rejection of Jewish practices to outright persecution of God’s People.  ON A LOST ROAD ? The rejection of all-things-Israel and the spirit of Babylonian ritualism went hand-in-hand.  This resulted in the birth of pagan-friendly Christianity.  After some time the Hindu / cultic practice of praying with beads was adapted.  Celibate priests and nuns, - hearkening back to the religious innovations of ... [More]