There has been a sense in the air that we are in a time great turmoil.  The world is poised on the edge of chaos in so many areas; political, military, natural, scientific.  Prophetic streams are converging and biblical prophecy is being set up for fulfillment.  In this series we’ll try to get a sense of where all of this may be headed.  To begin hat journey we’ll take a look back at where we’ve been.


The event that put the prophetic icing on the cake came at almost the end of the year, December 6th to be exact.  That was the date on which President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, setting the stage for the fulfillment of prophecies to come.  But to start with I’d like to take a look at some other stories that were amazing and remarkable for their significance.

  • 2017 A YEAR OF TERROR – February knife attack at the Louvre in Paris. “Allahu Akbar” the operative phrase.  // March: Westminster Bridge attack in London.  Five dead, 40 wounded.  ISIS claimed credit.  // April: St Petersburg, Russia.  Suicide bombing on the subway, about a dozen killed. // April: Stockholm, Sweden.  Truck attack.  ISIS again. // April, Champs Elysee in Paris, a nutcase with an automatic weapon. // May: Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.  22 killed, dozens injured.  Suicide bomber. //  June: London Bridge, with a vehicle again.  Seven killed, dozens injured. // August: Van attack in Barcelona, Spain, 14 killed. // September: The London ‘Tube’ (Subway) – A bomb injured 22.  // October: Truck attack on bike path in New York City. //October:  Las Vegas: Mass shooting.  Though the government came up with an ‘official story’ – the perpetrators remain uncertain.  58 dead, almost 550 wounded.  Several witnesses claiming there was more than one shooter have died under suspicious circumstances since the shooting. // November: Sutherland, Texas church shooting.  26 executed.
  • DISASTERS IN NATURE – Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria devastated southeast Texas, Florida and the Caribbean. Puerto Rico is still recovering.  Houston suffered historic flooding.  The California wildfires are setting records for monetary damage and acres affected and are responsible for causing “unprecedented levels of air pollution” in the San Francisco Bay area.  There’s something else about the fires.  They’ve been predicted by several news commentators over the past few years.  [This is some tinfoil hat stuff – that I’ll cover in a future issue.]  As predicted by Deborah Tavares, Paul Preston, Agenda 21 Radio and reported by Dave Hodges, there is evidence that the California fires were started by direct energy weapons and that they are burning with the purpose of ridding “rural areas of people. This is the rewilding of America.”[i]  According to Tavares, Hodges and Preston et al, the California fires are burning, not so coincidentally along the paths laid out by a ‘rewilding’ plan.   This is all part of a UN strategy developed in the 1990s. Though rejected by the senate, since then, Presidents, specifically, Clinton and Obama have set aside millions of acres of public and private land, outlawing development there.  “The Wildlands Project would set up to one-half of America into core wilderness reserves and interconnecting corridors (red), all surrounded by interconnecting buffer zones (yellow). No human activity would be permitted in the red, and only highly regulated activity would be permitted in the yellow areas.”[ii]  In other words this is part of the New World Order plan to concentrate populations into a limited number of core mega-cities.  The plan, a part of Agenda 21, has the additional goals of limiting “private land ownership,” which it sees as a contributor to social injustice.  One method to this end is to deny “water and/or grazing rights to farmers and ranchers or limiting their use of pesticides and herbicides, which in turn will force the farmers and ranchers out of business.”[iii]
  • Hillary Clinton The ‘Real’ Russian

    Robert Mueller Collusion Connection

    THE YEAR OF FAKE NEWS & CORRUPT INVESTIGATIONS – This came from the sources we would should be able to trust. The New York Times, CNN and other mainstream news sources led the way.  It’s amazing how President Trump did not do one thing right during his entire first year in office.  He was accused of everything short of causing cancer in laboratory   (And perhaps there’s a post alleging even that.)  The whole Russia-election-tampering story has come up empty.  Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has managed a few charges on former Trump associates for actions taken years before their connection to the Trump campaign.  Mueller’s team, consisting of dedicated Hillary supporters, was found to be compromised.  They had been specifically working to derail the Trump presidency.  One member of the Mueller team was responsible for changing the language of an FBI finding that allowed FBI Director Comey to decline to prosecute Hillary Clinton over the 30,000 lost emails. And lo and behold, the real Russia-connected story is just starting to be investigated. Ms Clinton’s role in the Uranium One scandal that had Russia take control of 20% of American uranium – a key ingredient in the production of nuclear weapons – along with the – (coincidental, I’m sure) –  enrichment of the Clinton’s and their Clinton foundation, will likely be on the docket this coming year.  It is alleged too, that the Special Prosecutor himself, Robert Mueller, was the delivery boy for the first samples of uranium to Moscow.  Quite the recommendation for an ‘unbiased’ investigator.  In both instances – media and government: Truth has been the casualty.

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