A couple of weeks ago, in PART I, we introduced this series by looking at the apostasy that occurred in our National Cathedral when it was opened to the prayer of the Muslim faithful. It was a watershed moment hardly noticed by the mainstream press. And if it was noticed, it was generally celebrated as a needed expression of tolerance. (After all, we all worship the same God, don’t we?) Of course this was in reality nothing less than the blatant denial of the God of the Universe and the principles set down in Holy Scripture. The presiding imams and prayerful Muslims, faced their backsides to the Cross and in sermons and chants denied Jesus the very Son of God. And all of this occurred at the closest thing we have to a national house of prayer. But we have not reached this place with a sudden turn. In the last decade or so there has been an acceleration of evil; a growing blatant denial of the principles of godliness. Today we will look at one such area of moral failure. EMBRACING SIN ... [More]


Last week we began a sub-series this series that unveils God’s blueprint for the End Times. We talked about the Rapture of the Church. This writer believes that the Rapture will be a pre-tribulational event – and perhaps we’ll revisit that subject sometime soon to make the case. But that being said, it does not materially affect God’s plans as we understand them. As to other events we looked at the coming Psalm 83 War in which an inner-ring of Arab nations set out to destroy Israel. Israel’s prophetically certain victory in that conflict will set up the next round – the Gog / Magog War of Ezekiel 38. It is God Himself who steps in to destroy the coalition that will consist of Persia, Turkey and most scholars believe, Russia. So that’s the set up. GOD’S PLAN – II THE RETURN OF ALL JEWS – God’s glorious victory opens the eyes of His people and the Jews return to Israel. Ezekiel 39:28 reveals God’s purposes. “‘Then they will know that I am the LORD their God, for though I sent ... [More]


So far in this series we’ve identified and defined the dangerous world in which we live, on the very edge of transformational chaos. We’ve seen how the Word of God has given us a template to understand these times in which we live that is more relevant and comprehensive than any man-made explanation so far offered. The Scriptures have laid out some very specific prophecies and promises. We’ve begun to trace how so many of these prophecies have now come to pass and are already historical facts. We’ve observed further how forces and nations are aligning according to what the Bible says will happen. We can see that we are on the edge of historical changes the like of which the world has never seen before or will ever see again. We’ve set the stage. But what will follow? What is ‘The history of the future’? GOD’S PLAN – I Know this: It is God’s history; - a part of his plan that He’s already laid out. Since we’ve seen His Word so exactly fulfilled we can be confident that it will be ... [More]


“Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34)  America is a nation that has lost its way. Once founded on Christian principles and dedicated to Christ Jesus our Messiah, we have fallen away. We have embraced sin and sacrificed tens of millions of our children on the altar of convenience called choice. We now tolerate and even celebrate actions that God Himself calls “abomination.” We chase after foreign gods. And now we’ve begun to target and persecute those that would hold to the old ways; the way of Christ and the Bible. In all of this we have become no better than the Israelites who honored foreign deities rather than the One True God who delivered them from Egypt and established their hold. There is little distinction between us and those apostate Jews who burned their own children on the altars of Molech and Baal. In this series we will survey that fall….and call for our nation’s return….before it is too late. ONE NATION UNDER ALLAH ? ... [More]


We’ve run the full gamut in this series….and we could easily keep on going with details. But alas, it’s time to put this thing to bed. So I’ll finish off with just a few very brief comments.  SUMMING UP Islam has long claimed to be a religion of peace. Western political leaders, including George W Bush and Barack Obama hold that we all worship the same God – that Allah is the same as the Yahweh of the Bible. Muslim organizations state that they only want the same rights as other Americans. These are all lies. Yes, there are millions of peaceful Muslims; just as there are millions who self-identify as Christians, but have no clue about the Christian faith. The holy book of Islam, the Koran, calls for the slaying of unbelievers, the destruction of the Jews – and the forcible conversion of unbelievers to Islam. This is no accident. Its basis can be found in the teachings of Jesus and Mohammed; in the understandings of just who God is – and how He deals with mankind. It might be ... [More]