The Verdict of Reason The ‘Science Guy’ continues to look at evidence for a ‘Young Earth’ as found in various scientific disciplines. Today’s installment will examine some of the anomalies of astronomy. THE SOLAR SYSTEM Jerry Zeis We are getting ever closer to showing the theories of an old Earth just don’t hold water. We have covered many fields of study, and not once seen that creation from God is impossible. Dr. Jason Lisle of ICR and Answers in Genesis put it this way. “This fundamental time discrepancy is no small matter. It is obvious that if the secular age estimate is correct, then the Bible is in error and cannot be trusted. Conversely, if the Bible really is what it claims to be, the authoritative Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16), then something is seriously wrong with the secular estimates for the age of the universe. Since the secular time scale challenges the authority of Scripture, Christians must be ready to give an answer—a defense of the biblical time scale. ... [More]


The Verdict of Reason In PART X Jerry tackled the biological questions. And if you are a committed evolutionist there are many without satisfactory answers. In today’s installment, our ‘Science Guy’ will look at what we can learn from the study of geology. THE GEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE Jerry Zeis In previous weeks we looked into radiocarbon dating, biology, and evolution, we saw that a recent young Earth was just as likely as a 14 billion year universe. The facts could go either way. The interpretation of the facts depended upon the world view. Simply, is there a Creator? Science depends on observable, reproducible and testable experiments. It is impossible to set up experiments that involve millions of years, so much of these facts are sort of pseudo-science. Non-observational. It is all extrapolate backwards in time. That is as logical as saying I have been making $50,000 / year on my last 10 tax returns. That is all the facts that we have. Is it logical to extrapolate backwards ... [More]


The Verdict of Reason Last week Jerry The Science Guy took a look at the age of the earth. In today’s installment He’ll be looking at the biological evidence. BIOLOGY QUESTIONS Jerry Zeis Last week we covered carbon dating. Depending on worldview, and the fact that this science is practically immutable, you get two answers to how old something is. It is either nearly what you expect, or it is thrown away saying that it was contaminated somewhere along the way. It might be present day bacteria at the time of excavation, or pollen. The bottom line is if it is not as old as you need it to be. Don’t rock the boat with consensus. I will lose my reputation and grants, and then I will need to look for a job. For those scientists that do believe in a literal 6,000 year history, there are three web sites that I recommend that will analyze the facts that they get from science in light of the truth of the Bible. These people are looked down upon by traditional scientists as ‘flat ... [More]


The Verdict of Reason We continue with the detour in this series with our ‘Science Guy’, biology professor Jerry Zeis taking on one of the very controversial subject of the Earth’s age. His perspective may surprise you. HOW OLD IS THE EARTH ? Jerry Zeis Scientists state that the universe is a little over 14 billion years, The Earth nearly 5 billion, the Moon slightly less, and life on this planet reaches back over 1 billion years. Most scientists agree on these dates within 10%. The Holy Scriptures say otherwise. Which to believe? Last week we spoke that Science gathers facts, but the scripture tells the truth. Facts can be misinterpreted. The truth cannot be. First, a few key terms. A creationist is a person who believes that the universe was created, succinctly, created by God, or other intelligent being, It is not a random occurrence. Long ages, refers to the above notion of millions and billions of years. Finally, a Young earth refers to the bible stating that the Earth is ... [More]


The Verdict of Reason I’m going to interrupt this series…..for a little help. Not being a ‘science guy’ myself, I sometimes feel out of my realm when discussing this subject. Soooo…I’ve gone for help to the ‘SCIENCE GUY’ from our church, Jerry Zeis. Jerry will be giving his much-more expert, first-hand take on some of the questions involving science and the Bible. This will include the very dicey one that I’ve been dancing around for a bit now-the Age of the Earth. [We’ll let Jerry carry the discussion for the next several weeks….and then when I return – we’ll be talking about some other aspect that ISN’T science.] So…… without further ado - ‘Heeeere’s Jerry, the ’SCIENCE GUY’…….Da da da   da da   da da da   da da   DAAAAHHH SCIENCE & THE BIBLE Jerry Zeis There are often conflicts between science and the bible, but I will show you that the two are not the same thing. They are like comparing apples to oranges. They are similar in some ways, but there can be no direct ... [More]