The Verdict of Reason As we begin PART II, we are just beginning to scartch the surface of the issue. How to we even begin to talk about it. What is the common language between atheist, sceptic, Hindu, Muslim, New Age devotee and Christian? We must find one. But certain barriers exist. We are on a search for “Truth” – yet many of this post-modern generation will tell you that no “Truth” exists – or that all views are “True” – it is but a product of individual choice. So in this installment we’ll have to do some of the heavy lifting and do the whole philosophy-thing. Let’s start breaking it down. WORLDVIEWS & “TRUTH” We’ll start with this: We all have a worldview. It comes with the territory of living. But since a lot of folks might be unfamiliar with the term we need start with a definition. I would describe a worldview as a ‘Theory of Everything.’ It is our view of how ….. and why everything operates. The American Scientific Affiliation defines it thus. “A worldview is a theory ... [More]


The Verdict of Reason Why do you believe? Or perhaps the question should be: Why don’t you believe? The question of ‘Faith,’ of ‘Worldview,’ of true ‘Belief,’ is the most essential question faced by every human being who has ever lived and reached the age of reason. It starts with the simple – but not very easy question: Does God exist? If He does: Who is He?   As a Christian I believe that the answer is plain and that it is revealed in the Bible. But this is no leap in the dark; no exercise in blind and unreasoned faith. Anyone who has taken the time to study the Bible realizes that it is a book of truth claims. History, prophecy, moral law and miraculous testimony all laid out and ready to be tested. Claiming to be the very Word of God it sets a high standard and begs to be challenged.  In this series we will set out the evidence – and it is ample for both the existence of God and most specifically for the Christian notion of who God really is. In testing the evidence, we will ... [More]