There are inherent characteristics built into the nature of Islam that define the religion. We’re seeing this played out in more ISIS beheadings and now threats again of the use of airliners as terror weapons. Islam is prisoner to its defining character.   So let’s look at both the nature of both Mohammed and the faith he founded, - portraying both only as described in the Muslim scriptures, the Koran and the commentary called the Hadith.  THE TRUE NATURE OF THE FAITH “He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers. (Genesis 16:12) The Bible is speaking here about Ishmael, Abraham's son through the servant girl, Hagar, - and in the process describing the origin of the Arab nation, the founding race and chief purveyors of Islam. In fact, Jew and Arab alike, both agree that Ishmael is the starting point for the Arab line. That may be where agreement stops. Both Arab and ... [More]


Just as the true essence of the Christian Faith reflects the heart of its’ genesis, so too Islam has taken on the characteristics of both its early history and its founding prophet.  ISLAM: INCUBUS OF TERROR The faith that is called Islam emerged out of the religious chaos that characterized the Arabian desert of the 7th century AD. Zoroasterism dominated Persia, (today’s Iran). The Byzantine Empire practiced the Eastern brand of Christianity, Jewish tribes could be found, scattered about the Arabian Peninsula, maintaining as best they could, the traditions of the faith. Still much of the area was dominated by the multi-god paganism that had its origin in ancient times. Once a year, this pagan world would all come together in the city of Mecca. Now in that city, there was a shrine, the Kaba, that housed 360 idols. During peace and war, the various tribes would come together, encamped about the shrine for this five-day religious festival. This was the world into which the Prophet ... [More]


If you go on you will see it argued that “Islam is primarily a religion of peace. Its name ‘Islam’ comes from ‘silm’ which means two things: one is ‘submitting to God’ and the second is ‘peace.’” It tells us that Jihad means struggle and refers primarily to a spiritual struggle inside the individual. They go on to make a decent case that the portrayals of Islam a violent religion comes from taking the words of the Quran out of context. Of the famous Sura 2:191, which enjoins Muslims to confront unbelievers and “Kill them wherever you find them,” it says: “It surely does not say that Muslims should go around the world killing any infidel that they find!”[i] But what is the truth? Is Islam a ‘religion of peace’? Or is it the religion of intolerance and violence and terror? In this series we will explore the real face of Islam.  BLOOD LUST “Indeed, the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to God. And they will do these things because they ... [More]