[AFTER A SHORT INTERRUPTION: WE NOW RETURN TO OUR REGULLARY SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING.] A few weeks ago we noted that Christ’s time on earth was marked and punctuated by His ongoing conflict with the Pharisees. It was they who opposed Him at every turn – and they who eventually engineered His crucifixion. In PART XXXI we introduced a rather controversial concept: Instead of just being a confused – albeit selfish group of individuals – they actually may have been working for the other team. The mindset, if not the trappings of paganism may have indeed snuck in to their way of viewing the world. Some Pharisaic sects seem to have laid the foundations for modern-day Kabala, that Jewish form of the occult. They had been compromised by the religions of the peoples that they had once conquered, just as their ancestors had once offered even their children to the pagan gods Baal and Ashtoreth. Further, the Pharisees had been influenced by some of the practices of the ancient Babylonian Magi – in ... [More]


For the past several weeks we've been unwrapping the blueprint revealed by the Illuminati for bringing in their coveted New World Order. For them it is to be a return worship of Nimrod & Semiramis and the occult gods of the ancient's; in actuality the worship of Satan himself. This struggle is an ages-long struggle that had its antecedents in Jesus' dealings with the Pharisees. Throughout Christ’s ministry here on earth we see Him spreading the good news of God’s love, His compassion demonstrated through healing and His offer of forgiveness to all that would accept it. Yet Jesus’ confrontational attitude toward the Pharisees and religious ‘Powers-That-Be’, and His characterization of them as “whitewashed tombs” whose father was the devil himself was certainly remarkable and possibly puzzling. Now however, scholars are increasingly uncovering a link to the occult that would explain the necessity for His unwavering attitude. AS BEFORE……….SO AGAIN “Jesus said to them, ‘If God ... [More]


We’ve covered a long road in this series. We’ve surveyed what we can know about the coming One World Religion of the Antichrist. It’s time to cobble it all together as best we can. Observing the times and the seasons, many believe that we are on the threshold of this most historic time of prophetic fulfillment. For those who know Christ it will be a time that demands committed prayer and incredible faith, - but God has given us the tools to survive. Those who have not committed themselves to Jesus, God’s Son, will face a time of deception and chaos and unimaginable terror. THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN “Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man’s all. For God will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing, whether good or evil.” (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14) Ever since the original deception in the Garden, mankind has willingly and willfully acted in cooperation with Satan. That alliance was formed on the basis of a lie; - an empty promise. Though “God ... [More]


Last week we reviewed some of the revealed plans of the Illuminati through the words of Peter Lemesurier’s Armageddon Script and a conference held by the New England Chapter of the House of Theosophy. We saw how they plan utilize the latest in technology and connections with a real or ‘faked’ Alien presence to drive the world to the point where it will be ready to accept a ‘New Age Christ’(Antichrist) that will unite the World’s governments, economies and religions. They intend to falsify the fulfillment of prophecy with their Christ-figure riding into Jerusalem on a donkey and ascending the Temple Mount. Is this even plausible? Well, the professing Church has been being prepared for some time now. Pulling It Off We have stumbled on the plans of men. Will this deception work? The Scriptures say that many indeed will fall in that day. Jesus showed a vision of the future to John in which “all the world marveled and followed the beast”. (Revelation 13:3) Paul warned Christians ... [More]


In drawing our picture of the unfolding future, we’ve of course been jumping back and forth between the daily unfolding of the plan – and the long-term architecture of the occult scheme to usher in a New Age / One World Government under a New Age Christ – or what we know as Antichrist. In Issue #546 we revealed some of what we know about the plans of scientific and occult-types. Science is working on the technology for what could be a ‘False Rapture’ – and the New Agers are preparing their adherents for the sudden removal of Christians from the earth. (I’m not making this stuff up!) And in addition, a number of high-profile occultists have attempted to open portals to the dark side of the spiritual – calling forth the spirit of Antichrist. These have included master Satanist Aleister Crowley, Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard and rocket scientist Jack Parsons, through a ritual that these latter two called Babalon Working. Many Satanists and high-degree Masons believe that they were ... [More]