Headlines suggest that a “Messianic Revival” may be in the making – in Israel! Congregations of Christian-Jews are growing and thriving in the Land of David. One leader of the movement talks of a new openness in Israeli society to consider the claims of Yeshua. There exist probably about 120 congregations with perhaps about 15,000 members; - a yet small number, but gathering in strength and influence.[i] It was just back in 2005 that Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, in a letter opened after his death, revealed his belief Yeshua or Jesus was truly the Messiah. Still the majority of Jews dismiss the claims of what they see as a Gentile god. It was not always so. Remember, the Church began in Jerusalem, and was originally composed of almost exclusively Jewish believers. So what happened? PROPHETIC CLAIMS Prophecy pointed to him, this coming Messiah. The hope of Israel! The light to the nations! By the first century the anticipation among some segments of the population was palpable. The Jews ... [More]


The published translation of an inscription found on a stone in the days just before Jesus was born – published a few years ago now - opens upthe question of just what type of Messiah the Jews were expecting and just who Jesus was? So let’s get looking.  RETHINKING THE MESSIAH ? “Go your way, Daniel, for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.” (Daniel 12:9) So here’s the deal. There’s not a low profile debate going on in Israel these days, and it involves on some level, whether or not Jesus, (Yeshua in Hebrew), - might indeed be the promised Messiah. It revolves around the work of an Israeli professor at Hebrew University, - one Israel Knohl, - and an archaeological discovery from early in this century and a stunning translation of the inscription on that ancient artifact. First of all let’s establish just what we’re talking about. What was found was a tablet or stone with ink inscriptions from the period just before Christ. For years it was very ... [More]