As we noted last time, the story of mankind is the story of the rebellion of God against the rule of the Creator God. Yet God’s heart remains steadfast. At the Fall in the Garden, He promised a Saviour. With Abraham, He called a nation into being. And the First Testament chronicles a history of the Jewish nation replete with rebellion and repentance – and ultimately God’s restoration. Then comes the first centuries of the Church – and we saw a primarily Jewish institution morph into a Gentile one, in the process abandoning its Hebrew roots. That is the next part of the story. ISRAEL & THE HEART OF GOD - 2 Here’s the basic truth. The earliest Church was a Jewish institution. Jesus was Jewish. The Apostles were Jewish. The 3,000 converted on the day of Pentecost were Jewish. And we see in the book of Acts a gradual / eventual inclusion of Gentiles in significant numbers. Still, the early Christianity remained Jewish in character and practice. The earlies Christians worshipped ... [More]