I want to offer a Great Big THANK YOU to all my readers. This issue marks the completion ten years of newsletters. It was back in 2004 that my Pastor Fred Naedele and our then-Assistant and current Pastor Randy Smith asked me to write a weekly newsletter on the subject of prophecy and how it applies to today. My answer: “Every week?” But so it’s been for 520 issues; delving into prophecy and apologetics and sometimes getting a bit political. At first it was hard to fill two pages even with large font and massive spacing. After a while I couldn’t fit nor had the time to write all the content I believed was important to cover. The first feature article I wrote for that October Sunday was on the introduction of the implantable VeriChip, with its ‘Mark of the Beast’ implications. I’ve not been at a loss for subject matter since. So besides my readers, I want to thank those who’ve contributed articles to the newsletter. They were informative, interesting and helpful. And of course my ... [More]


The next round has begun. Citing the fact that ISIS or ISIL and related jihadi groups were about to launch attacks against the West – some of which would target passenger planes – the US and several allies launched, at this writing, nearly 200 attacks against the terrorists. One group, Khorasan, was said to be approaching the “execution phase”. The Daily Mail reported that the terrorists “planned to attack using bombs without metal parts, toothpaste tubes and clothes dipped in explosives.” The threat is very real – even if the CIA was somewhat complicit in creating this ISIS enemy, much as they did al-Qaeda. The Blaze TV’s For the Record documents the willingness and ability of ISIS fighters to launch terror attacks against the US. We’ve documented how ISIS forces have seized stocks of Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons (which didn’t exist). They’ve expressed a willingness and even an eagerness to use these weapons against the US. The US southern border is an open sieve where massive ... [More]


To comprehend the world we live in today we must understand the historical process that brought us here. This international sense of chaos was not birthed in a vacuum   So from where we left off: Muslim/Arab populations are increasing throughout Europe, while declining birthrates and cultural apathy plague the native Europeans. The growing Arab communities are increasing their political influence and changing the character of that continent. But just how did this all happen? THE RISE OF EURABIA There is a new power on the rise in the world. Its very existence has been almost a secret to all but a few. It is something called Eurabia. In 1973 two events occurred that set the table for the Europe and the world we see today. Israel defeated an Arab coalition in the Yom Kippur War, and the Arab League engaged in an oil embargo of the West. In response, with France leading the way, the European Community, (forerunner of today’s E.U.), established a framework of cooperation with the Arab ... [More]


We’ve been working our way through the examples of just how the ancient principle of the Shemitah has manifested in history. We’ve seen how this seventh year financial Sabbath has marked both the year – and often the very day of the greatest financial collapses including the onset of the Great Depression, the Stock Market plunge that followed the 9/11 attacks in 2001 and the record setting Wall Street tumble of 2008. We are coming upon another ‘year of the Shemitah.’ What may it mean to our future? THE NEXT SHEMITAH Before we examine the implications the Shemitah may have for our future we should make ourselves aware of some amazing facts. Whether one thinks this whole Shemitah thing has merit – or is a monumental set of coincidences – it is good to understand just what happened. Recall that the Shemitah marks the end of a seven year cycle. That seven year cycle that ended September 29, 2008, began on September 17, 2001 – the very day of the crash of 2001 – which followed and was ... [More]