So we’ve quickly surveyed Israel’s history from its twin scattering by the Romans in 70AD and 132AD up through the centuries until about the dawn of the 20th century. We’ve also looked at the amazing prophetic fulfillment that Israel’s reestablishment in 1948 represented. It was amazing to see that a word given to the prophet Ezekiel and applied to the principles laid out in the Book of Leviticus – correctly prophesied the return of God’s people to statehood status in May of 1948 – exactly when it happened. In PART III we’ll look at 20th century events that led to that fulfillment of national destiny. Israel reborn is the theme of so many prophetic scripture and of the purposes of God. It is truly amazing to be living in such prophetic times as these; on the very cusp of the End of the Age. THE PURPOSES OF GOD “For the children of Israel shall abide many days without king or prince, without sacrifice or sacred pillar, without ephod or teraphim.” (Hosea 3:4) “On that day I will ... [More]


A Commentary Israel’s Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is facing a most critical choice; Whether to crush Hamas once and for all or to bow to the wishes of America, Israel’s putative ally. Through its actions, the Obama administration has shown that it has bought into the whole concept of moral equivalency. In fact, perhaps they’ve gone even farther, taking the de facto Palestinian position on many issues. Though this round of fighting was begun by Hamas when they kidnapped and killed the three Israeli teenagers; though they’ve launched over 2,000 rockets against civilian targets; though they use their own people as human shields and launch attacks from hospitals and schools – it is Israel that has suffered international opprobrium; received only lip service from this President and been pressured to accept a cease fire that would advance the cause and position of the Hamas terrorists. Consider Secretary Kerry’s proposed cease fire. Why was there no call to dismantle Hamas’ rocket ... [More]