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Che Ahn: “It’s Time for Bob Jones’ Prophesied Billion-Soul Harvest” - Bob Jones was a crusty, eccentric prophet. Well before he passed away on Valentine’s Day 2014, Bob gave a prophetic word sharing three signs that would take place before the arrival of a Billion-Soul Harvest. Back in 1983 in Kansas City, he prophesied: *that in America a ‘morning-after pill’ would be invented, *that America would legalize same-sex marriage (which was unthinkable at the time), and *that a watch would be invented that the laborers working in the rice paddies in China could wear and listen to worship music. Right now we are in a prophetically unprecedented season, as the second and third signs in Bob’s prophecy took place just last year-most notable with the advent of the Apple Watch. Just look at Asia as an example and you’ll find that the Gospel is exploding all around the world. “Say not, There are yet four months, and then comes harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the ... [More]


What did the Jews know and when did they know it? Jesus was not just a blip on the tides of history. He was not just some man that came on the scene with no past and no prophetic perspective. There was a history here and a heritage that meant that the Christ; - the Messiah, - should have been expected, - and recognized. Let’s look at the evidence. WHAT DID THEY KNOW & WHEN DID THEY KNOW IT ? Let’s try and put this all in perspective. What can we really know? We know for instance that the testimony of his contemporaries confirms so much that we know about Jesus. A passage in the Babylonian Talmud, a Jewish book of commentary on the Scriptures, contains references to “Yeshu, the Nazarene.” Writings dated to the 2nd century confirm that he was hanged “on the eve of the Sabbath”, at the time of Passover. The passage also mentions Joseph of Arimathaea, who buried Jesus in his own tomb, and refers to the fact that he was accused of sorcery. This latter reference confirms the ... [More]


The passing of a US Supreme Court Justice is leaving an uncharacteristic mark on American politics as well endangering the true meaning of the Constitution affecting the way Americans will ‘do life’ in the decades that follow. The Court’s most incisive thinker, steadfast constitutionalist, quick-witted questioner and conservative champion passed away. When it came to interpreting the Constitution he was a “textualist” taking the views of the Founders as “gospel.” The issue at hand is serious indeed. It all has to do with who will replace him. Justice Antonin Scalia believed that the original intent of the Constitution is sacrosanct; the plumb line by which we measure all laws and decisions. The liberal wing believes it is dealing with a ‘living document’ – subject to change upon the evolving understanding of mankind. It is hardly a solid rock on which to build. Immediately, President Obama announced his intention to nominate the next Supreme Court Justice. Of course, that would set ... [More]