OK! So I know we talked about this before –but it’s kind of big stuff. So we’re going to hit it again. Right now – [and it’s not being reported by the mainstream media] – there is a giant ‘military exercise’ going on in Saudi Arabia. Three-hundred-fifty thousand troops from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, Bahrain, Sudan, Kuwait, Tunisia, Oman, Qatar, Malaysia and more are gathered in northern Saudi territory. They have with them 20,000 tanks, over 2,400 planes, over 450 helicopters, and they’re all just…..practicing, for 18 days, that will end at just about the end of the month.[i] So what’s the big deal about a military exercise, you ask. Let’s break it down. It starts with this. The Saudis are Sunni and the Iranians are Shia – and as we’ve seen in Iraq, they don’t seem to place nice together. Now Syria is backed by Iran who is backed by Russia who want the use of the Syrian ports as an entrance into the Mediterranean. And the Saudis have their cadre of ... [More]


So the prophets revealed with perfect accuracy and extreme detail many of the particulars of Christ’s first coming. Daniel revealed the day and Luke’s gospel confirmed it. Today we’ll look at how the currents of history came together to work God’s perfect will.  THE EVIDENCE OF PROPHECY AND SCRIPTURE Yet everything in history was leading up to this moment; the fulfillment. Steve Brown of Key Life Ministries points out the historical pattern. It can be found in the cultural mores of every people. The sacrificial system is found among primitive people, anywhere on the globe, at some point in their history. We see it in the ancient pagan cultures that developed around the Mediterranean. We find it in the New World cultures of the Aztecs and the Mayans. We see it in Africa and Asia. It is all tied up in the religious notions of all peoples, everywhere. It is as if God prepared the very thought forms of every nation to understand this. It is a universal notion. Without blood there is ... [More]


Money has been with us for thousands of years. It is the engine that fuels economies and progress. It is the means of distributing wealth and rewarding enterprise and assigning value. And soon the way that works may be changing drastically. What’s more, its demise is pregnant with prophetic implications. There is an actual ‘War on Cash’ being waged – by the PTB and while it is being couched in noble terms. But it is really all about control; Total control of the populace. This ‘War on Cash’ has been going on for several years at least and in some areas it is advancing faster than others. Only about 6% of Norwegians use cash on a daily basis. Now Norway’s largest bank is call for the elimination of the medium altogether. It supported its case by citing the lack of government control of money and transactions. [Yeah, that’s what we need; more government control! Of course that’s what a large portion of Americans are ponying up for when they support the policies of presidential ... [More]