Deception is the byword of the Age.  Combinations of human forces; - the New Agers, the Illuminati, and others, -  have set about achieving a complete transformation of mankind.  They are abetted in this endeavor by beings from a spiritual dimension, outside of our human experience whose aim is the deception and destruction of as much of the human race as they can take with them.  Knowingly or not they are in the employ of Satan, the adversary.  1Peter 5:8 tells us “the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour”.  Consult the New Age literature, or that of Islam or the Eastern Religions or the Mayans or the Neo-Pagans and you will find that this transformation they seek will be ushered in by a man bringing the ‘Christ Consciousness’ with him, - moving mankind to a new level of spiritual existence.  The Bible too speaks of that coming time, when the “man of sin” will reign.  He will come to power using “the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying ... [More]


Every day we are presented with more evidence of the fallen state of mankind.  Just the last few weeks saw Facebook killings, chemical attacks, mobs attacking peaceful protesters and a very real threat of nuclear war.  Since the dawn of time, our story has been the same.  We have existed in a state of rebellion to the God of the Universe.  That rejection of authority began in the Garden and has been the hallmark of life on earth ever since.  We are engaged in the constant struggle to “be like God.” (Genesis 3:5) Yet despite that, God has used all of history to bring us a message of love and hope in the promised return of King Jesus to judge and rule and reign; to punish evil and set up a Kingdom of Righteousness.  But in the confusion we are living now, we sometimes lose sight of meaning of it all.  But God has given us a light to follow.  The Bible contains the key to understanding the times in which we are living.  It is a very specific and precise book that tells us not only who we ... [More]


There is something strange about the North Korean situation in both the impact this small, backward country is having on the geopolitical scene right now as well as the role seemingly chiseled out for it as an important part of the puzzle in the assembling of the New World Order.  Analyst and commentator Brandon Smith points out that: “North Korea has the potential to become a trigger point for multiple economic catastrophes”[i] and a “catalyst for international instability;”[ii] in the process serving the globalist cause very nicely.  But who would want that and what end would it serve?  Why the Global Elites, of course!  It is no secret that the international banking cartel would like nothing better than a centralized global economy built upon a world currency and dominated by themselves.  They’ve said as much on numerous occasions.  And of course it is always the stubborn, nationalistic dictators that stand in the way.  Examples: Libya, Syria, Iran, North Korea.  Here’s Smith again ... [More]