In our last outing we looked at the origins of the Illuminati, a very real group, founded in the 1700’s – and still working today to establish a One World Government.  We concluded our study with a quote from Zbigniew Brzezinski, who celebrated “global human consciousness…the emergence of trans-national elites [whose loyalties] cut across national boundaries… [and] are not confined by national traditions.”[i]  We see that spirit at work today as Europe tries to discipline its resistant members toward accepting the dictates of supra-national authorities and the Left in America works toward the establishment of a borderless world.  PART VI – THE NETWORK IN OPERATION The only semi-visible world power that pull the strings of global power in the drive toward a New World Order is a many layered creation that operates in various ways depending on the national situation.  In the US we are witness to the dark, extra-legal maneuverings of what had become to be called ‘The Deep State.’  These ... [More]


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Looking at both history and more current events we’ve been tracking how the world is moving toward a global religious ‘arrangement’ that will somehow unite the various world religions after one head.  A united religious front has long been a dream of the Vatican and the holders of the ‘Chair of Peter.’  Last time we traced the Marxian and even Islam-tolerant leanings of the reigning Pope Francis.  Todays’ task will be to put that in context.  PART XIV – THE STATE OF THE CHURCH So the current policies of the Roman Church are leaning hard-Left and East (for Islam).  [That is much like the Leftist political parties in both Europe and the United States.]  Yet at the same time, they continue to insist to their claim of suzerainty on the Holy City of Jerusalem.  We noted how over the course of time, the Holy See has made a series of deals with the Palestinian Authority – [a terror supporting organization, I might point out,] – that recognizes the Palestinian State, and their capital as ... [More]