Here are some takeaways from the first two installments of this series.  First: The Deep State bureaucracy, Establishment Washington – (consisting of both Dems and RINOs) – all aided by the Mainstream Media and the Hollywood Elite – are all conspiring to take any last vestiges of power that may remain in the hands of  the American people.  This is a Revolution that is being planned: the State / Government gearing up for war against the people.  Secondly: This is an operation whose early stages are being financed by outside forces who are bankrolling groups that are leading the charge against a lawfully elected and legitimate president.  This includes groups like MoveOn.Org and ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter.  In addition, ‘rent-a-mob’ outfits are being employed to sow violence at every opportunity.  The trouble in Charlottesville, VA, was largely due to provocateurs brought in to get the ball rolling.  Their aim is to spread such animosity between Right and Left that a civil war will ... [More]


The global landscape is exploding with prophetically significant events.  There are almost too many to chronicle.  Each week we’re going to highlight a few for quick mention.  We would do well to keep our eyes on all that is going on in the world. HURRICANES & EARTHQUAKES – First Hurricane Harvey blasted Houston.  (The name can mean ‘battle ready’ or ‘blazing iron.’  Next came Irma, devastating the Caribbean before smashing Florida.  (Irma comes from the Old German for ‘War Goddess.’)  Then Maria smashed into Puerto Rico with its 155 mph winds, knocking out power for the entire island.  While that was going on Mexico City suffered a massive earthquake that measured 7.1 on the Richter scale.  At the time of this writing at least 225 people have been reported killed with the death toll expected to rise.  Earthquakes measuring over 6 struck several other locations in the ‘Ring of Fire’ in the days that followed.  These included New Zealand, Japan and Vanuatu. Is this natural or ... [More]


Over the course of this series we’ve looked at many of the angles that are being played by the Globalist Elites as they engineer the establishment of their New World Order.  They employ strategies in the spheres of finance, government, science and even religion.  It is both difficult and dangerous to draw concrete prophetic conclusions from prophetic events.  But it is possible to recognize trends and offer some insight into just where things may be headed.   PART XX – A PROPHETIC TAKE  So how does all of this line up with the prophetic?  I’ll lean here on the take of the eminent prophecy scholar Perry Stone for some timely analysis.  One area of his work centers on finding the parallels between historical trends and events in US history, - with those found in Scripture and ancient history.  Studying America’s spiritual similarities with Israel and recalling the 400 years that God’s people spent in Egypt led him to some interesting conclusions.  By 2007-8, Perry was telling people ... [More]