“Whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God, and everyone who loves Him who begot also loves him who is begotten of Him.” (1John 5:1)  This scripture defines the central breaking point between Islam and Christianity; the person of Jesus Christ.  What is His identity?  With the onset of yet more terror here in the US as well as in Europe it is time to take a deeper look into this War of Civilizations. PART I – DEFINING THE ISSUE It is a fact that is hard to get my mind around.  We are Lebanon of the 80’s.  We are Israel.  A terror attack could come at any moment.  Not quite Syria, not yet Iraq in its heyday – but subject to that same uncertainty that same fear.  The enemy could strike at any moment….at any location.  Always the same.  In the name of religion.  In the name of Jihad.  In the name of Allah.  It comes home.  Allah is declared.  And it will be said that it is not all Muslims that hold that guilt.  That statement is true.  There are open and sweet people here ... [More]


So here we are in a ‘time-of-in-between;’ – a state of Limbo if you will.  Antifa and its cohorts have threatened and planned an uprising for November 4th.  The radio program and the newsletter we produce are being put together before the events that we’ve been warning about – but won’t be available until we see what will really happen that day.  But this threat is very real.  Yet there is still media out there saying that the call for revolution is made-up fake news.  It is not.  Proof is given in this full-page ad run in the national edition of the New York Times calling for people to hit the streets on November 4th.  Will something indeed begin?  Or will the authorities have found a way to preclude this attempt at revolution.  Or will it just fizzle?  We’ll know quite much more by this same time next week.  PART IX – REVOLUTION IN ABEYANCE There are still media outlets out there that are saying that the call to take to the streets on November 4th is fake news; a fabrication of ... [More]