We’ve spent our time talking about who the forces promoting the coming One World Religion are and surveying how they have martialed their forces.  Today, we’ll begin to unveil their plans for the future of mankind.


Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain?  The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the LORD and against his Anointed One. “Let us break their chains,” they say, “and throw off their fetters.”  (Psalm 2:1-3)

There is a plan!  The greatest abiding truth of the New Age is that there is a plan and ‘The Movement’ is working toward its fulfillment.  This plan will bring forth a Transformational Shift in Human Consciousness, a One-World Religious System, a New World Order, a New Age Messiah.  Its goal is the same as that of Nimrod when he built the Tower of Babel: One Universal System that will control government, religion, culture and finance.  The Bible tells us it will succeed, – for a time.  Then God will intervene, – as in the days of Babel.

The active / operative segment of the Movement has adapted many sub-goals along the way.  We have documented in the New Age leader’s own words, some of those goals: The destruction of the nuclear family, the death of the notion of sin and public morality, the end of Bible-based religion.  In all of this The Movement has much in common with paganism, – past and present.  The Plan is moved along by the Secret Societies: the Illuminatti, Freemasonry, the Theosophical Society and more.  But before we look at the specifics of what The Movement has revealed about their plans, we will look at how they are preparing the way.  An essential part of the plan is conditioning.  The world must be prepared to accept the New Age Christ and all the changes that will be accompanying this New World Order.  They have left no stone unturned in their pursuit of their goal.

One strategy has been to hijack legitimate concerns for the environment and replace them with a radical environmentalism which sacrifices everything, even human life and welfare to the worship of Gaia, or Mother Earth.  Mankind is viewed as nothing but exploiters of the earth and its resources.  Industrialization and progress of all sorts is to be rolled back.  Western nations especially, are seen as consumers of too many natural resources.  This is all done under the guise of something called sustainable development.  This form of environmentalism handily serves as both a vehicle and a goal of the movement.  The goal is a simpler, low-tech world.  One specific means of achieving this is the Earth Charter.  According to Canadian billionaire sponsor, Maurice Strong, the charter is to “become like the Ten Commandments.”  Not long ago, the Charter was paraded around in something called the Ark of Hope, that mockery of the Ark of the Covenant and the God given Ten Commandments which resided inside.  Inside can be found a Temenos, a magical sacred circle, along with other pagan artifacts.  The Earth Charter is the blueprint for the “global spirituality” of the New Age.  It calls for a “change of mind and heart” among all of Mankind.  Through the development of curricula and other means it admits that it is enlisting young people as “active agents of change.”  The document is to set the tone for a “new phase of human development,” – a result of the coming consciousness shift.[i] [ii]

Part of the conditioning for that consciousness shift is the destruction of the notion of absolute truth and the moral authority of the Bible.  Remember, the New Age openly recognizes the Biblical God and the Evangelical Christian as its most feared enemy.  So, populations must be prepared for the New Age.  It is no accident that the moral foundations of the West have declined so precipitously in the last century.  The Movement has succeeded in convincing a majority of the population that truth no longer exists.  As part of the conditioning process, they have enlisted many allies.  Such phenomena as the hedonistic sexual revolution, or its stepchildren, radical feminism and the militant gay movement need not be willing accomplices to be useful to the New Age aims and goals. But in many cases they are. Elements of the feminist movement are practicing goddess worship.

It is part of the strategy for destroying the nature of Truth, to substitute Man’s judgments for God’s Word.  In academia, groups such as The Jesus Seminar, pass judgment on the truth of passages in the Bible.  We have seen this same process at work in just the last 50 years or so in the Homosexual Agenda and the Abortion Agenda.  ‘God couldn’t have really meant what he said in His Word.  After all, the writers of the Bible didn’t know what we know today.’ Civilization has come to value its own pleasure and convenience, more than the Truth.  Biblical values are destroyed in the process. Denominations are deliberately setting aside the clear ordinances of Scripture to adopt more ‘tolerant’ and ‘modern’ positions.   Perhaps the most important vehicle being used to condition the world for the New Order is the use of the mass media.  This new Pagan Ethic is becoming more publicly embraced.  In Finland, tens of thousands gather for a giant celebration of pornography.  College campuses across America offer courses in porn, bring hookers in to speak about vocations and sponsor sex-oriented festivals.  The LGBT agenda has swept the nation bringing with it moral chaos and perversion.  In Black Rock City, Nevada, huge crowds of earth worshipers, wiccans, neo-pagans, and transvestites gather to celebrate the annual Burning Man Festival.  There, they go into trances, burn sacrifices to ancient deities, and fornicate publicly.[iii]  It’s all normal.  It’s all accepted.

Growing exposure to New Age ideas adds acceptance.  And acceptance adds legitimacy to the deconstruction of the Judeo/Christian culture.   In recent decades we have seen meditation, yoga, visualization and the Silva Mind Control method invade even the corporate world.  Paganism and violence capture the imaginations of our youth through popular video games.  The hit film, The Matrix pushes a New Age gospel with its roots firmly rooted in ancient pagan themes.[iv]  And it opened the floodgates for more of the same.  The ideas of Deepak Chopra, the Dalai Lama and Oprah Winfrey fill the airwaves the bookstores and the screens.  Oprah is the New Age’s best salesman![v]  She does not buy into the “restricted, limited understanding of what the Bible said….  One of the biggest mistakes humans make is to believe that there is only one way.  Actually there are many diverse paths leading to what you call God,” says she.  Oprah is a believer in the god of energy.  “I believe in the FORCE,” she declares.  “I call it God.”[vi]  Ms Winfrey has even waded into the depths of the occult.  By her own words, Oprah goes to spirits of the dead for guidance in her work.  These are her “go there” moments when according to Time Magazine, she makes contact with the souls of ancestors, former Negro slaves named Dara and Bess and Sara, among others.  Jonathon Demme, Oprah’s director in the movie Beloved, reveals that “it was her goal and intention to channel the spirit of Margaret Garner,” the films subject.[vii] [viii] If you’re not sure what that means I will tell you plainly.  Channeling is a form of possession.  So we had the most powerful media influence in America, seeking demonic possession in order to enhance her performance.  It is paganism in all its perverse splendor….and the doorway to the New World Order Religion.

‘I See Green In Your Future’

Another area of conditioning involves the environmental movement.  In the name of the environment they strive for “zero growth of material economy” and reduced consumption in the industrialized nations, along with a more equitable distribution of wealth.  The stated goal is fundamental change in the social, economic and cultural spheres.  In order to achieve this, the Green Cross calls for “Global Sovereignty”.  There’s that pesky notion of One World Government again.[ix]

Global Sovereignty” is what will be needed to achieve their goals.  The Avatars of the New World Order are very open about seeking this goal.  Robert Muller has called for a peoples’ “revolution of scientists, thinkers, visionaries, prophets” that will put an end to nationalism and “the big multinational companies.”  To the world diplomat, the European Union should serve as the foundation for a “World Union.”  To that end the globe need be organized into economic spheres that would eventually morph into political spheres.  NAFTA is but one example.  The One-World visionaries call for a global authority that will control a world police, military, secret service and a global ID.  The World Court would provide the legal veneer that would eventually subvert and supplant the nation-state.  Say goodbye to the US of A.  It will take a very powerful centralized authority to achieve what the New Age has in mind for the human inhabitants of the earth: – the reduction of the Earth’s population back to the 1930’s levels of about 2 billion people.  Some would take it down even farther to a mere 500 million.  Population control is not enough.  One New Ager, quoted in a UN publication, blithely said “we must eliminate 350,000 people per day.”[x]  He is not alone in that sentiment.  Ruth Montgomery, in her book, Herald of the New Age, talks of a cleansing that will kill about 50% of the population of the planet.  Follow the numbers given in the book of Revelation and you will find that the Bible wholeheartedly agrees that that will one day happen.  Many New Age visionaries even seem to take pleasure in the prospect; referring to the Earth’s “revenge” and calling the human race a “failed experiment.”[xi]

The philosophical leaders of the Movement have not been shy about proclaiming their support for the totalitarian regimes that have and will make this population reduction and consciousness shift possible.  New Age maven Alice Bailey has praised the murderous work of Hitler, Lenin and Stalin as expressions of the ‘Force’.  Others have nodded their approval to Mao’s Cultural Revolution, which took 65 million souls.  Bloody wars and revolutions, – even this is just all part of the plan to establish the rule of what one New Age prophet openly calls “…the priest-kings of Sodom, Egypt and Babylon;” – the coming New Age Christ.  Alice Bailey again, wrote in praise of WWII as part of a “destructive cycle” necessary to the destruction of civilization and its institutions.  She saw the use of the atomic bomb on Japan as “inevitable and desirable.”  In language that mirrors that of Matthew 24:8, she calls that event, “the beginning of our collective birth pains.”  To those initiated in The Plan, this era we live in is the ‘age of fulfillment’.  The New Age is knocking on the door.  Bailey, Neale Walsch  and others have insisted that the consciousness shift and the arrival of “the Christ” will happen somethime soon.  The Plan has been a long time in the making.[xii]

After the Civil War, former Confederate General, Albert Pike, a Freemason and admitted follower of Lucifer was given a revelation of a plan to establish a Satanic New World Order.  He laid it out in detail in a letter written in January of 1870.  Here’s a summary.  The letter talked of the need for 3 global wars to achieve Satan’s agenda; – The establishment of a New World Order of total economic / religious / political control under the Antichrist.  It described in some detail the essential elements of the First & Second World Wars including the protagonists, outcomes and geopolitical effects.  It predicted a Jewish-Islamic conflict nearly 8 decades before the reestablishment of Israel that would lead to the Third World War that would finally bring their New Age Christ to power.[xiii]  The Guiding Spirits have since refined this prophecy, telling us that it will begin in Israel and spread throughout the world.  It is out of the chaos of this war that the Antichrist, or what they refer to as the New Age Christ is to come.  He is to offer the way of peace to an embattled and panicked world.  So the three World Wars then are to serve the purpose of preparing the world for the New Messiah.  But Alice Bailey tells us that though the Energy wants to flow to mankind to produce ‘the Christ’, it cannot do so until “…humanity raises its collective consciousness to be properly awakened receptors.”[xiv]  The Plan is in place, – awaiting fulfillment.

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