The global landscape is exploding with prophetically significant events.  There are almost too many to chronicle.  Each week we’re going to highlight a few for quick mention.  We would do well to keep our eyes on all that is going on in the world.

HURRICANES & EARTHQUAKES – First Hurricane Harvey blasted Houston.  (The name can mean ‘battle ready’ or ‘blazing iron.’  Next came Irma, devastating the Caribbean before smashing Florida.  (Irma comes from the Old German for ‘War Goddess.’)  Then Maria smashed into Puerto Rico with its 155 mph winds, knocking out power for the entire island.  While that was going on Mexico City suffered a massive earthquake that measured 7.1 on the Richter scale.  At the time of this writing at least 225 people have been reported killed with the death toll expected to rise.  Earthquakes measuring over 6 struck several other locations in the ‘Ring of Fire’ in the days that followed.  These included New Zealand, Japan and Vanuatu.

Is this natural or is it judgment?  Could it be both?  Once the latest events had hit I began to find prophecies from several years back that may have predicted these events.  Z3News reported on the vision of a Brother Bill Nelson that saw Houston underwater back in 2009.  In his vision Brother Nelson was on a cruise ship returning to harbor.  Amazingly he had that vision exactly 8 years prior to the day that he returned to Houston on a cruise ship, stranded on an offshore island with thousands of other passengers.  Nelson commented at the time: “I believe this dream goes along with what the Father has been saying to me about more and more intense judgments are coming to America.”  In 2016 Pamela Banda had a similar vision.  She saw massive flooding and great destruction hitting the Texas city.  Through the Holy Spirit she was told “The water represents judgment. Judgment is coming to Houston and it will be destroyed, desolate, and uninhabitable.”  When Bill Nelson saw this vision, he reports: “I heard a His voice say, ‘When you see this, it has begun.’”[i]  OK, so we can file that under the ‘take-it-for-what-it’s-worth’ file.  But there have been others that seem to have been given a knowledge of what is to befall Houston and the United States in general.  John Fenn, founding pastor of Church Without Walls was another who shared a vision back in 2008 of two hurricanes that would hit the US “back to back.”  He said that God told him that “it would come at a time when the Congress had many decisions to make in determining the direction for this nation. And He said after those two hurricanes, we would see an earthquake in California.”  From there the judgment only continued.[ii]  Please be in prayer as to the meaning of the events that unfold.

BUTCH & SUNDANCE TAKE ON THE UN –  OK, so it was President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu that took the UN by storm.  Trump started things off by warning the North Korean “Rocket Man on a suicide mission” Kim Jong Un that to mess with America would mean total destruction.  He called the Iran nuclear deal that President Obama put in place “an embarrassment.”  He called out Hezbollah by name.  Then he took on communism and socialism with communist and socialist states in the room. “The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented.”  Thanks Butch.  Next it was the Kid’s turn.

Bibi Netanyahu came out guns a-blazing.  One of his biggest targets was the UN itself with its well-earned reputation for anti-Israeli bias.  Back in July, UNESCO absurdly declared The Tomb of the Patriarchs to be a Palestinian World Heritage Site.  So the Prime Minister decided to go to an unimpeachable source of evidence – the Bible.  “It’s true that Abraham, the father of both Ishmael and Isaac, is buried there, but so too are Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca – Sarah is a Jewish name, by the way – and Leah, who just happen to be patriarchs and matriarchs of the Jewish people. You won’t read about that in the latest UNESCO report.  But if you want to, you can read about that in a somewhat weightier publication.  It’s called the Bible. I highly recommend it. I hear it even got 4 ½ out of 5 stars on Amazon. And it’s a great read. I read it every week.”  He then went on to apply the lessons taught in Isaiah 49:6 to what is happening with Israel today.  “It is too little that you should be My servant In that I raise up the tribes of Yaakov And restore the survivors of Yisrael: I will also make you a light of nations, That My salvation may reach the ends of the earth.” (The Israel Bible)  You can see where it is referring to the regathering and rebirth of Israel and the use of God’s People as a vehicle of salvation to the world.  So though the world may oppose Israel, he called upon them to reflect on the “miraculous rebirth of our nation.”  He went on to point out the many accomplishment of Israel that serve as blessings to the world, pointing to “the food you eat, the water you drink, the medicines you take, the cars you drive, the cell phones you use, and in so many other ways that are transforming our world.  As the prophet Isaiah said, ‘I have made you a light unto the nations, bringing salvation to the ends of the earth.”  Finally Netanyahu went after the Iran as the terrorist state that it is.  He called Tehran’s missile program a “campaign of conquest across the Middle East” that “vows to destroy my country every day, including by its chief of staff the other day.”  And thus Butch and Sundance take on the world….much to the discomfort of the puppet masters, with their globalist agenda, that control it.

[i] When you see this, it has begun.”, Z3News, August 30, 2017

[ii] James Bailey, Two Hurricanes, Two Earthquakes, Economic Collapse, and Dollar Devalued 50%, Z3News, September 7, 2017

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