“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the peoples; but the Lord will arise upon you, and his glory will be seen upon you. And nations shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.” (Isaiah 60:1-3) (ESV) The Prophet Isaiah is writing specifically about Israel. As we go on in the chapter we see that God is talking about Aliyah; the Return of Jewish people to the Land God has promised them. We are living in that day. But the first few verses of that chapter also speak to something more. “For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the peoples.” This is the time of Messiah’s coming. Darkness and evil and chaos will fill the earth. Chaos will reign…….for a time. And then God will come to vanquish those enemies. We are watching chaos advance. Which means soon comes the Glory!  


It is happening on every front. We see the disintegration of the culture, the cruelty of religious war, the forming of prophetic alliances. Muslim refugees are invading Europe at a rate that is poised to forever transform that once-Christian culture. The fallout from Japan’s nuclear meltdown quietly poisons the Pacific ecosystem. The global economy hangs by a thread. A war in Syria threatens to spread throughout the region – or farther, with nuclear powers facing off in dangerous ways. And we watch the retreat of the once dominant American Empire and the ascendance of Russia. The world order is changing. And our world will likely look much different in the next year or so; or perhaps even the coming months. Let’s look at some of the harbingers of this change.

A FALLING EMPIRE – The news flows in at a dizzying rate. Sometimes just hours separate one piece of monumental news from the next. Russia’s sudden entrance-in-force to the Syrian situation should have come as no surprise to Washington, though perhaps the force of that action was remarkable even for the former KGB man, Putin. But the fact is, the Russians came in with a well-defined purpose and mission and the US began to softly and silently retreat.

If you recall, it was in the late summer of 2013 that Russia and China backed down the US and its allies when they sought to remove Assad from power in Syria. Now what was that all about? Was that because Assad was a really bad boy? Hardly. [Even the pretext used at that time, the supposed gassing of civilians by Assad’s forces, was likely a false flag engineered to garner support for a Syrian invasion.] It was all about natural gas, oil, the petro-dollar – and supporting the plans of the international banking establishment in their quest to re-invent the international order. There are a couple of things at work here – but they’re all related.

We can start by recalling that Russia is leading the charge against the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. They are doing so by arranging for the trading of energy in anything but American currency. This of course threatens the very lifestyle and economic status of the United States. Nations always needed to buy dollars to acquire oil. Now Russia, China and even India have begun to use their own currencies or gold to trade for oil and gas. Dave Hodges writes: “This is what the Syrian and Iranian crisis was all about (e.g. selling oil for gold rather than the Petrodollar) and Putin exposed Obama’s false flag event (i.e. gassing the Syrian rebels) for what it really was. Further, Putin now has the power to refuse to accept the dollar as payment for his gas flowing into Europe. If the Petrodollar dies, what will happen to the US economy?…. Second, Putin is threatening to become the main supplier of energy on the planet. With the consummation a recent gas deal between the Russians and the Chinese, Putin is undermining the control of energy that the central banks have enjoyed since the early days of the creation of Saudi Arabia to oversee oil production. Putin is spitting in the face of the Federal Reserve and the other G7 central banks by encouraging Iran to sell its oil for gold. This is turning international finance on its head.”[i] And it’s the whole natural gas thing that may be even a bigger factor in explaining just what’s going on.

In recent times, Russia was – and is – Europe’s main supplier of natural gas. If Moscow turns down the flow, Europe must turn down the heat. The Russian pipeline runs through some of the former Soviet Republics, across NATO member Turkey and on into Bulgaria. And Turkey had become dependent on gas from Russia and Iran.[ii] So, desperate to change the equation, the United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar came up with a plan “to lay alternative pipelines up through the Levant to Europe, bypassing the Russian Federation.” This competing pipeline would necessarily have to run directly through Syria. And President Assad was in no mood to switch allegiance to the Saudi-Turkish-US side. Thus the threatened invasion of 2013. Thus the Russian response. Thus America’s and Turkey’s actions promoting civil war in Syria aimed at removing Assad. Thus Moscow’s move into Syria to protect him and its interests.

Now when the Russians came in they came in in force. A year of Washington’s fight against ISIS had yielded few results. The ISIS army advanced quickly, slaughtered and raped at will. Destroyed ancient Palmyra and set up a capital at Raqqa. The Wealth Watchman asked the obvious question. “How could this force literally pop outta nowhere (with hundreds of convoys of shiny, new toyota trucks)….in the desert….and waltz through every ancient city from Palmyra, to Ramadi in just a few months’ time? I mean, let’s face it: DC’s astounding failure to stop ISIS is now the stuff of legend.” Here’s the answer. Washington “views ISIS as a wonderful, strategic asset in the region, because ISIS represents the last, best hopes of ousting Syrian President Assad.”[iii]

So Russia came in like a whirlwind. First they supplied modern weapons to Assad’s forces to begin to turn the tide. Within 2 days of receiving the equipment Assad was battering ISIS forces like never before. The attack on Raqqa provided a psychological blow. The Syrian Army could now fight back. Then the Russians showed up, launching 120 airstrikes in one week, smashing 40% of ISIS logistical infrastructure. It made Raqqa a special target. The Wealth Watchman reports. “Raqqa, was made a direct target of Moscow’s bombers. This base was a sore spot for Assad, because when his men, who’d fought tooth and nail to keep it, were finally ousted. ISIS took every single soldier out, and beheaded them. This same base was mercilessly pounded, over and over, by Russian fighters…until it was an ash heap, and the 200 ISIS fighters inside, died to the last man. In just two strikes on two bases and munition posts…ISIS lost over 300 fighters. Russia has achieved vastly more on the ground situation in 1 week, than DC achieved in well over a year.”[iv] Now thousands of ISIS fighters are reported to be defecting or melting away.

So Moscow’s new position in the Middle East, and role in the world-at-large, is being enforced by the presence in-force of the Russian military in the region – as well as the existence of Moscow’s nuclear arsenal with a man at the helm who seems unafraid to use it……should the need arise. And more and more signs are pointing to the fact that the ‘need’ may indeed arise. It started in earnest with the withdrawal of the last American aircraft carrier in the region, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, with its 65 combat aircraft. The withdrawal left a hole; a power vacuum, if you will, and the world was quick to take notice. That ship held “a central role in the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria since August 2014, when the US-led coalition started bombing the Islamist extremists. The lack of a US presence in the gulf comes as Russia is escalating its actions in the region.”[v] Then reports surfaced that Great Britain had armed its fighter jets in the region with air-to-air missiles and given pilots permission to shoot down Russian planes interfering with British missions. The Ministry of Defense later denied this, but continued to strenuously object to the widespread Russian attacks against non-ISIS rebels.[vi] Then Investors Business Daily reported: “Russian and Chinese military sources now confirm that Chinese warships are en route to the Middle East to get in on some of the action of humiliating the US.” IBD concluded, “A false move involving NATO member Turkey could mean world war.”[vii] Beijing later denied reports that they were sending their only aircraft carrier to the region.[viii] There are reports that Cuban troops have now joined the fight on the Russian side.[ix] And DEBKA writes: “Iraq has given Moscow the use of the Al Taqaddum Air Base at Habbaniyah, 74 km west of Baghdad – both as a way station for the Russian air corridor to Syria and as a launching-pad for bombing missions against ISIS forces and infrastructure in northern Iraq and northern Syria.”[x] If true, this would be a giant blow to American prestige and the thousands of US military personnel that gave their lives in fighting the Iraq war. But historically speaking, that is the price paid by empires in decline.

So then this whole run-up to war is about energy, right? Well yes…..and not exactly. It is true on the level of the nation-state, but there is actually a whole lot more going on here. First we must realize that just as the conflict between Right & Left, is on many levels, a false paradigm….so to, the divide between East v West is at least a bit contrived. While on the national level, wars can be about resources and territories and borders, they are – in the words of Brandon Smith of Alt-Market – at their most basic, “a tool for the manipulation and molding of public psychology…. War is meant to forcefully change the ‘inertia’ of civilization, and thus, forcefully change the direction of civilization in a manner that benefits the engineers of the conflict.[xi] The forces on both sides of that artificial divide are both dominated by the international banking system and both are working toward the goal of full international integration. It’s like this: a New World Order requires a global currency and a globally controlled economy. And a corollary of that is that the dollar must to some degree collapse. Thus we see the Chinese fight to raise the viability of the yuan, and the Russians and Chinese and others chase after real value in the form of gold and silver. But this will not happen easily. Smith again: “A cover event must be created. The centralization of power is best achieved during moments of bewildering calamity. The conjuring of crises is one of the oldest methods of elitist dominance. Not only can they confuse and frighten the masses into malleability, but they can also ride to the public’s rescue as heroes and saviors later on….. The destruction of the dollar and the institution of a global economic bureaucracy are not actions that can be executed openly by international financiers. These events will coincide with extreme catastrophe, likely worse than the Great Depression era, with millions upon millions of people losing the ability to financially support themselves and their families. Crime, death and public discontent will surely follow. People will be looking for someone to blame. This is where the false East/West paradigm comes in.[xii] Sounds like getting to the New World Order is going to be more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

The proof of the East v West is on some level a false model is there for all to see. The West, the US and Europe call for a centralized global economy under the IMF. Putin too wants a global currency administered by the same IMF. The Obama administration is populated by former Goldman Sachs operatives. And Goldman Sachs serves as Russia’s primary economic advisors.[xiii] But Russia is not alone in bucking the current system set up at Bretton Woods in 1944. Now the BRIC nations have joined the attack on the dollar. Dave Hodges fleshes it out for us. “When Iran began to sell oil for gold to China, Russia and India, this was a de facto declaration of war. The US has staggering debt and without the backing of its currency by the Petrodollar, in which every nation must purchase dollars to buy oil, the dollar would hyper-inflate overnight. The BRICS as they are called are led by China and Russia and they moving the world away from the Petrodollar. Subsequently, it is only a matter of time until the bottom falls out of the US economy. The Federal Reserve wanted to invade Syria and Iran and put a stop to the undermining of the Petrodollar just as they did in Iraq in Gulf War I. However, for the past three years, Russia has checkmated Obama and the Federal Reserve and as a result Iran has grown stronger and the BRICS are destroying the US economy. For the Federal Reserve to survive they now have to go to war against the BRICS.[xiv] But the world is no longer solely dominated by America. He continues. “World War II will be fought over the dominance/decline of the Petrodollar. For over three years, the forces at the Federal Reserve have tried to devise a justifiable means to invade Syria and Iran because they were non-participants in the Petrodollar scheme whereby nations had to first purchase a federal reserve note prior buying oil. Both Iraq and Libya were topped by US led coalition forces to maintain the Petrodollar. There was a time in the world when forsaking the Federal Reserve Board’s Petrodollar dominance, meant that countries got invaded and the leaders of these countries were killed. With the emergence of the BRICS, the worm has dramatically turned.”[xv]

So everything that we’ve been talking about relates back the control system that sits above presidents and prime ministers and deals in the fates of nations and populations. At the top is the Bank of International Settlements and the International Monetary Fund. They control the exchange rates that determine the fate of nations. On the next level are the Central Banks like the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England. Hodges: “The world’s central banks take their marching orders from the Bank of International Settlement because the monetization of the fiat currency that each central bank controls is determined by the BIS.” The conflict in Syria – (with its related branches in Ukraine and the South China Sea under China, and North Korea too) – are all operating on the second level. This is an attack aimed at replacing the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Moscow is championing the Iranian attempt to sell its oil for gold and not dollars. This is what Syria is all about too. But where will it all lead? History shows that it will very likely lead to war. Threatened empires fight for their survival. And America exists now as a threatened empire – and one that the New World Order folks believe needs to be cut down to size anyway. After all, they are building a world with Ten Heads to be exact; just like the Book of Revelation says they will.

RELIGIOUS CONFUSION – The world’s first lesbian bishop – (quite the distinction) – the Bishop of Stockholm, told the Swedish Seaman’s Church to take down their crosses, build a Muslim prayer room and “put down markings showing the direction to Mecca for the benefit of Muslim worshippers.[xvi] All of this is to be done in the name of ‘hospitality.’ Now on how many levels is that wrong? I count at least four. Some other clerics of the Church of Sweden have attacked her statements – and the pronouncement seems to be more of a suggestion than an order; but what can one expect from a church that has tossed out the Word of God regarding homosexuality in the first place – and then even promoted practitioners of this sin to positions of leadership. This move toward ‘hospitality’ attacks the very notion of the exclusivity of Christ. There is NO OTHER WAY TO THE FATHER!

ISRAEL & AMERICA’S MORAL CONFUSION – Palestinian terrorists are on a murder rampage in Israel. Stabbings, shootings, attempted suicide bombings have driven Israelis from the streets. Yet the US State Department spokesman blamed Israel for creating the conditions that set the terror in motion. The statement was later retracted, however it reflects the true nature of the Obama administrations view of things in the Holy Land. Scripture is plain here regarding Israel. “I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” (Genesis 12:3) America seems to be on the wrong side of that equation.

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