We’ve run the full gamut in this series….and we could easily keep on going with details. But alas, it’s time to put this thing to bed. So I’ll finish off with just a few very brief comments.


Islam has long claimed to be a religion of peace. Western political leaders, including George W Bush and Barack Obama hold that we all worship the same God – that Allah is the same as the Yahweh of the Bible. Muslim organizations state that they only want the same rights as other Americans. These are all lies. Yes, there are millions of peaceful Muslims; just as there are millions who self-identify as Christians, but have no clue about the Christian faith. The holy book of Islam, the Koran, calls for the slaying of unbelievers, the destruction of the Jews – and the forcible conversion of unbelievers to Islam. This is no accident. Its basis can be found in the teachings of Jesus and Mohammed; in the understandings of just who God is – and how He deals with mankind.

It might be helpful to detail here some of the key differences in theological understanding that exist between followers of the Koran and those of the Bible. The Biblical God is understood as a monotheistic trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God, Himself, is a community of love. That’s why the Bible can consistently hold: “God is love.” (1John 4:8) In contrast, the Koran rejects the Trinity, specifically denies the Son-ship of Jesus and rejects the Holy Spirit. The Bible holds that the God-Man Jesus is the only mediator between God and Man – and that His death on the Cross and subsequent resurrection from the dead pays our sin debt and purchases salvation. This is antithetical to the teachings of the Koran which hold that Jesus is a mere prophet and inferior to Mohammed at that. Jesus taught monogamy. Mohammed called for and practiced polygamy, fought wars, broke treaties, taught others to do the same – and according to the Islamic scripture, the Hadith, ordered painful executions. Jesus offered peace to the troubled, forgiveness to the repentant and called for the highest standard of Truth. John 14:6 records His defining words. “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

If that’s the theory, here is the practice. Just look at any of the nations that is controlled by Islam. Christians are persecuted and imprisoned in Iran. Saudi Arabia forbids house churches and Christians can be sentenced to death. In sub-Saharan Africa Christians are terrorized by Islamic mobs. In civilized Egypt, churches are burned and worshipers attacked. You can throw Bangladesh and Turkey into the mix – along with many others. Death to Christians and Jews is preached on the airways of the Palestinians every Friday night. They are just following the dictates of their books. They are just following the teachings of their Prophet. Unfortunately, that is real Islam. Still our duty is not to hate – but to love. And most importantly to share the Truth of the Gospel and the Love of God that would have all come unto him. Because no matter what our inherited religious label – we all start off as sinners in need of a Savior. And God offered all Jesus, to fill that role.

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