Last time out we chronicled the rise of Eurabia, the resultant rise of anti-Semitism and the spiritual drought amidst once-Christian Europe that have made both possible.  But the response to the Islamic invasion of ‘Christian’ Europe has not produced monolithic surrender.  While some nations have sold their birthright for a bowl of soup, others are making a stand for the culture built upon the Judeo-Christian foundation.


Sociologist Dr Linda Woodhead of Lancaster University says that the UK is experiencing “the biggest religious transition since the Reformation of the 16th Century.”  I don’t know whether that fact concerns the good doctor or not, but it should be a matter of concern all Bible-believing Christians, throughout the world. The numbers tell the story.  According to the polling research, Christians will be in the minority by the middle of the century.  Giullio Meotti writing for The Gatestone Institute gives us some of the particulars.  “A quarter of the British rural parishes now have fewer than 10 regular members of the faithful on Sunday. There are no more children in 25% of the Church of England’s congregations….On average, nine children attended each church service across all Anglican churches in 2016. ….Churchgoers have dwindled in the UK by 34,000 in just one year.”  The Church of England, which could still boast 30% of the island nation in 2,000 now sits at just 15% – and only 3% of young people, aged 18 to 24.  Attendance dropped 50% in Scotland.  Meotti offers this explanation.  “Europe now, however, is experiencing a terminal decline for two reasons that are linked: mass unvetted immigration coupled with a shrinking confidence in its own legitimacy and beliefs. There seems to be shame over Western colonialism, yet no thought at all seems to be given to who are the real colonists: The Crusades were a reaction to a Muslim colonization of the Christian Byzantine Empire, North Africa, the Middle East, much of Eastern Europe, Northern Cyprus and Spain.”[i]  It’s a well-argued point.  But I’m afraid few are listening.

France has gone one farther.  Under the ‘leadership’ of President Emmanuel Macron, the French have been busy surrendering and apologizing to Islamists and anti-Semites throughout the region.  He has had his nation vote twice in the UN to condemn America’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and publicly come out against the “Judaization of Jerusalem.”  One of his cabinet members declared: “The UN denies Israel’s bonds with Jerusalem.”  [He is sadly – and biblically mistaken on that point.]  He has buddied up to anti-Semitic states such as Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.  The Gatestone Institute has a story which illustrates well the depth of dhimmitude (subservience to Islamic law) that the French are willing to accept.  “In Abu Dhabi, members of the victorious Israeli judo team were recently made to mount the winners’ podium without their own anthem and flag. A few days later, French President Emmanuel Macron landed in Abu Dhabi, where he denounced as liars those who say that ‘that Islam is built by destroying the other monotheisms.’ Macron did not raise an eyebrow about the anti-Semitism and racism displayed by the Emirati authorities. Macron merely praised Islam in a country that punishes with death those Muslims who convert to Christianity or profess atheism.”  Traditional Western values  – Judeo-Christian values  such as freedom of religion, individual liberties, equal justice and separation of church and state were never mentioned.  Perhaps they are such a dim memory there now, consigned to a quaint past with little relevance to modern, post-Christian Europe.  And while all of this was going on, the French courts were busy taking down Nativity scenes, a cross from a statue of Pope John Paul while allowing “Muslims in the Paris suburb of Clichy La Garenne to a hold a mass prayer on the street.”  [To their credit, a French remnant of 100 politicians launched a street protest.[ii]  It seemed so much spitting against the wind.]

So while Britain, France, Sweden and Germany have traded their souls for population – for a workforce, some countries in the Eastern part of Europe are more cognizant and realistic about the situation.  Czech President Milos Zeman spells out the situation clearly.  [Zeman, by the way, is no right-wing zealot.  In fact, however, he is a bit of a conundrum.  He is a socialist who supports America, Israel and the Jews.]  His public remarks have made plain his position on the issue of immigrations.  “Political correctness, my friends, is synonymous with a lie. If you want the unspoken truth, Islamic migration is not possible to integrate and is not capable of being assimilated into European culture.”  He explains further: “A Muslim can be defined as a Quranist, like a Nazi can be defined as a believer in racial superiority and anti-Semitism…. I think we can coexist with Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto, Confucianism, but we cannot coexist with Islam. It has anchored in its sacred texts that it must rule the world and have unbelievers submit.”[iii]

President Zeman would find a kindred spirit in Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban who used his Christmas message to draw the battle lines for all to recognize.  “Christianity is culture and civilization. We live in it. It is not about how many people go to church or how many pray honestly. Culture is the reality of everyday life… Christian culture defines our everyday morals.”  He came out clearly against allowing “millions from other continents to settle into Europe.”  To Orban, that would change the nature of the culture.  He cited Christ’s command to love our neighbors as ourselves.  “Loving ourselves also means taking and protecting all that we are and who we are. To love ourselves means that we love our country, our nation, our family, Hungarian culture and European civilization.”

In the past, Orban has clearly stated that the mass-immigration into Europe was being engineered by European elites to engineer a post-national Europe, that would see the effective end of the nation state.  “Fundamentals of European life are now under attack…. We don’t want our Christmas markets to be renamed, and we definitely don’t want to retreat behind concrete blocks. We don’t want our Christmas masses to be surrounded by fear and distress. We don’t want our women, our daughters to be harassed in the New Year’s Eve crowd,” he said, referring to the mass sexual assaults and gropings perpetrated by bands of immigrants on German girls and women recently.  Warming up to the subject, he concluded with a stirring call to resistance.  “They want us to stop being who we are. They want us to become those who we don’t want to be. They want us to mix with people from another world, and to change in order to make diversity trouble-free.  The free nations of Europe, the national governments elected by the free citizens, have a new task: to protect our Christian culture.  Not for others, but for ourselves; for our families, for our nation, for our countries, and for the ‘homeland of our homeland’ — for the defence of Europe.”[iv] [v]

Father God, we pray that there can be an awakening in the land of Luther, the land of the Reformation.  The continent that sent so many missionaries to evangelize the world.  Lord, that you would open the eyes of these their children to the truth of the Gospel and the saving power of Jesus Christ and His blood shed on the Cross.  Reveal to them again, the forever-fresh relevance of Your word.  We ask this all in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

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