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NOTE: Due to space considerations we will continue the the REAL ISLAM series next week.

SUPREME COURT FOLLY – The High Court refused let stand 5 lower court rulings that overturned the bans against same-sex marriage. This will open the way for another 11 states to join the same sex marriage bandwagon, meaning 30 states will soon legally approve this re-definition of marriage.[i]

A PHONY STATE – Sweeden has announced that it will soon become the first state to recognize the Palestine as a sovereign nation.[ii] And THAT is prophetically significant. Scripture seems to teach that a phony Palestinian state will be established near the Time of the End, but that it will not exercise real naional function and that its leadership will be destroyed. If this is a trend that gaiins momentum, this could signal the near onset of the Psalm 83 War in which a confederacy of Arab nations surrounding Israel, including the Palestinians, attempt a war of destruction against the Jewish state and are utterly destroyed in the process. (See also: Obadiah and Isaiah 17) The relevant scripture is found in Isaiah 34. Verse 5 talks of a judgement that will “come down on Edom,” or modern-day Palestine. Then in verse 12 it says this: “They shall call its nobles to the kingdom, But none shall be there, and all its princes shall be nothing.”

AS AMERICA SLEEPS – Russia is busy! Moscow is all about improving their ability to take on – and defeat – the United States in a nuclear war. The Russians are spending hundreds of billions to upgrade their arsenals. They’ve built nearly undectable submarines, are “reporting that 60 percent of all Russian nuclear missiles will have radar-evading capability by 2016,” and have successfully tested a new state-of-the-art ICBM.[iii] And renowned national security writer Bill Gertz reports that just about a month ago: “Two Russian strategic bombers conducted practice cruise missile attacks on the United States during a training mission last week that defense officials say appeared timed to the NATO summit in Wales. The Russian Tu-95 Bear bombers were tracked flying a route across the northern Atlantic near Iceland, Greenland, and Canada’s northeast. Analysis of the flight indicated the aircraft were conducting practice runs to a pre-determined ‘launch box’—an optimum point for firing nuclear-armed cruise missiles at U.S. targets, said defense officials familiar with intelligence reports.[iv] The Russians are even considering first strike doctrine. “A Russian general has called for Russia to revamp its military doctrine, last updated in 2010, to clearly identify the U.S. and its NATO allies as Moscow’s enemy number one and spell out the conditions under which Russia would launch a preemptive nuclear strike against the 28-member military alliance, Interfax reported Wednesday. Russia’s military doctrine, a strategy document through which the government interprets military threats and crafts possible responses, is being revised in light of threats connected to the Arab Spring, the Syrian civil war and the conflict in Ukraine.[v]

While Russia is building and modernizing its arsenal, American defenses are moving in the opposite direction. Michael Snyder writes: “The size of the U.S. nuclear arsenal has been reduced by about 95 percent from the peak of the Cold War, and Barack Obama has spoken of even more dramatic reductions…. Obama administration has discussed reducing the size of our already neutered strategic nuclear arsenal down to just 300 warheads.[vi] [vii]

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