The state of the world continues to deteriorate. It would seem that ‘Chaos’ reigns supreme. But that is not actually the case. Much of what passes for anarchy is at least somewhat controlled and planned by the Powers-That-Be. It is all part of the plot to create a New World Order, a ten nation global confederacy and eventually a One World Government under the New Age Christ. The terror is but a tool toward that end. In his seminal 1980 book The Armageddon Script, Peter Lemesurier reveals the Illuminati plans to usher in the era of the New Age Christ. He lays out in detail just how the New World Order types plan to maintain the pressure that will create the conditions necessary for the rise of the Antichrist. Along with some very specific wars involving Israel, Korea and China / Taiwan, he talks of major terror attacks against Europe and the US involving weapons of mass destruction.[i] With that being said, let’s look as some of the specific threats that are darkening our horizon.

9/11 REDUX – Celebrated national security writer Bill Gertz gives us this from the Free Beacon. “Islamist militias in Libya took control of nearly a dozen commercial jetliners last month, and western intelligence agencies recently issued a warning that the jets could be used in terrorist attacks across North Africa. Intelligence reports of the stolen jetliners were distributed within the US government over the past two weeks and included a warning that one or more of the aircraft could be used in an attack later this month on the date marking the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001.[ii] What remains in question is whether this is a contrived threat to dial up the pressure for implementing the New World Order Agenda – or a convenient one that allows them to do so. Great Britain has already taken advantage of the increased danger of terrorist events to propose legislation that would give the Her Majesty’s Government increased police powers that would include giving “the police statutory powers to confiscate the passports of suspect terrorists at UK borders.”[iii]

ISIS ON THE BORDER – The Texas Department of Public Safety has issued a bulletin to law enforcement agencies titled: ISIS Interest on the US Southwest Border that include this warning. “Social media account holders believed to be ISIS militants and propagandists have called for unspecified border operations, or they have sought to raise awareness that illegal entry through Mexico is a viable option.” These posts have been identified as coming from ISIS militants based in Syria and Mosul, Iraq. In addition, FOX News reports that, “the watchdog group Judicial Watch said Friday that Islamic State operatives are in Juarez, just across the border from Texas, and are planning to attack the United States with car bombs.” According to Judicial Watch: “Agents across a number of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense agencies have all been placed on alert and instructed to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning this imminent terrorist threat.”[iv]

WEAPONIZING DISEASE – Referring to the time just before Christ’s return, Luke 21:11tells us: “And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences.” This idea is reinforced in Revelation 6:8. Here is the New Living Translation of the verse. “I looked up and saw a horse whose color was pale green. Its rider was named Death, and his companion was the Grave. These two were given authority over one-fourth of the earth, to kill with the sword and famine and disease and wild animals.” Now we may be on the brink of such activity, thanks in part to the teachings of the ‘Religion of Peace’. Saudi cleric Nasir al-Fahd issued a fatwa or religious ruling that states: “If Muslims cannot defeat the kafir [unbelievers] in a different way, it is permissible to use weapons of mass destruction even if it kills all of them and wipes them and their descendants off the face of the Earth.” This – and much more – was found on a captured ISIS computer earlier this year. Many documents served as a practical training manual for carrying out terror attacks. According to the magazine Foreign Policy: “The ISIS laptop contains a 19-page document in Arabic on how to develop biological weapons and how to weaponize the bubonic plague from infected animals….Use small grenades with the virus, and throw them in closed areas like metros, soccer stadiums, or entertainment centers,’ the 19-page document on biological weapons advises. ‘Best to do it next to the air-conditioning. It also can be used during suicide operations.’”[v]

Taking all of this into consideration, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia warned the West that ISIS operatives may have already infiltrated their countries. “Authorities in both Europe and the United States are to be extra vigilant as members of the ISIS terror group could already be in their respective countries, preparing to unleash terrifying atrocities in the next two months at least.”[vi] [vii]

And ISIS, now calling themselves The Islamic State, will not be content with just taking on and conquering the West. They have also served notice on Russia, warning President Putin in a video that they intend to make war on the troubled Northern Caucuses region.[viii] Their goal of course is a worldwide Islamic Caliphate.

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