As we saw last time, Communism had a plan for the future of the United States of America.  The details of that plan were entered into the Congressional Record back in 1963.  So much of that plan has been fulfilled since then.  All of the Democrat and a major portion of the leadership of the Republican Party has been captured for globalist-socialism.  Higher education has become a breeding ground for Communist propaganda disguised as education, and a fulcrum for anti-American sentiment and rioting.  The Mainstream Media has been fully taken over the Founding Fathers, along with their republican – (with a small R) principles totally discredited.  God and His moral laws have been removed from the public square.  Abortion and Euthanasia undermine the sanctity of life.  The LGBTQ agenda rots the moral fiber of a confused nation.  How did it get this way?  It was part of the plan.  And it was financed and supported by men with great power.  The rich were financing the revolution.  It has always been so.  


“For the love of money is the root of all evil”. (1Timothy 6:10)

It is greed that drives the whole thing; – Greed for money; – and that, – a tool for the insatiable greed for power.  That appetite for power that only complete financial control will bring, is what drives the Elites, – and it is what drives the most radical of the Communist movement.  Consider the farthest ends of the political spectrum.  Both Fascist /Nazi and the reddest Commie are both totalitarians at heart, believing that the violent coercion of the individual is a necessary price that must be paid in order to achieve the perfect society.  Antony Sutton, author of Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution points out that if we consider just the amount of personal freedom allowed, the Fascists and the Bolsheviks end up at the same end of the political spectrum.  The reason it’s always been missed is that the left-leaning historians that inhabit our universities reject such an alliance out of hand.  In his book, Sutton builds a convincing case that it is not a case of ‘Socialist vs Capitalist’ but rather ‘Socialist & Capitalist’ together.  The Russia of the Czar’s for instance, was replaced by an equally corrupt alliance of murdering Bolsheviks financed by Wall Street monopolist greed.[i]

Gary Allen, author of the seminal 1971 work None Dare Call It Conspiracy, agrees, quoting Oswald Spengler in Decline of the West.  “There is no proletarian, not even a Communist, movement, that has not operated in the interests of money, in the direction indicated by money, and for the time being permitted by money — and that without the idealists among its leaders having the slightest suspicion of the fact.”  In the event, it was the Morgan interests that infiltrated and ultimately gained power over the far left in the first decade of the 20th century.  At the same time the international bankers had managed to have the Constitution changed to set up the Federal Reserve System that would permanently put their own private banking interests in charge of the people’s money.  It was a brilliant scheme.  With the new Federal Reserve System in place and a brand new progressive income tax that could provide the cash to pay the interest on the national debt, – the bankers could drive up the national debt, – while being the ones that collected on it.  As the guys in an old Guinness commercial were wont to say: “Brilliant!”.[ii]

The Morgans had their Guaranty Trust Company working with the Reds by 1917.  The Rockefeller’s may have been a little slower to get in the game, but made up for lost time in the 20’s.  In 1927 & 1928 alone, the Rockefeller controlled Standard Oil and Chase National Bank, built a refinery for the Commies, marketed their oil in Europe and sold Russian bonds.  There is also evidence that the Soviets were given “United States Treasury funds by the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks acting through the Chase Bank and the Guaranty Trust Company and other banks in New York City.[iii]  The Fed itself was loaning millions to the Bolshevik Russian dictatorial regime.  During World War I, things got so bad that the international banker types were willing to sacrifice tens of thousands of human souls so they could continue to line their pockets.  During the Reece Congressional investigatory hearings of 1953, evidence of the workings of the Carnegie Board was introduced that was most damning.  In their recorded minutes there was record of a communication to President Wilson asking that he “see to it that the War does not end too quickly.”[iv]   Rockefeller involvement with the Reds continued right through the Krushchev era of the 50’s & 60’s.  They grew so powerful in fact, that when Nelson Rockefeller’s nemesis Richard Nixon became President in 1968, he would appoint a tried and true one-worlder like Henry Kissinger, a Rockefeller man to the core, and now a full-fledged member of the Bildeberger crowd.  The elites did not sacrifice power when they committed to supporting ‘The Revolution’.

It wasn’t just the Russian Revolution that drew dollars from Wall Street.  The money flowed to Carranza and Pancho Villa in Mexico; – to Sun Yat Sen in China; – to Mussolini’s Fascists in Italy; – and as we have seen to Hitler and his Nazi’s in Germany.  These were equal opportunity monopolists, they were.  In fact, in Russia, the money flowed to both the Reds and the Whites, – the forces that supported the restoration of the Czars.  Better to hedge your bets than to be on the wrong side.  They had learned well from the Rothschild’s example in Europe.[v]

So what’s the deal?  These were monopolists in search of ever more power.  The common denominator was state control. That’s what the Railroad Barons wanted in the US in the 2nd half of the 19th century and that’s what Hitler could offer in Germany, and Lenin / Trotsky in the Soviet Union and Mussolini in Italy: Unfettered profits.  There was, for example another force in Russia, a truly democratic force during the Revolution that fought both Whites and Reds with an army at least 700,000 strong; – the Greens.  They were given no help at all, and no mention in any of the standard histories.  They offered nothing in return for aide; – so none was forthcoming.

What we were seeing then was Wall Street’s play to establish nascent American Fascism; – perhaps without the trappings of brutality, – perhaps, – unless it was needed of course.  Sutton points here to a scheme of Andrew Carnegie’s called the Marburg Plan.  He describes it as a “premeditated program of power acquisition.”  Its object was to create a movement “to compel the formation of a league to enforce the peace.”  Thus the modern internationalist movement was born with Carnegie and Warburg and the others of the financial elite on board.  Why not?  Its object was a socialized world government with the real power remaining in the hands of the “international financiers.”  So they bought Woodrow Wilson along the way at a time when the greatest minds at the nation’s universities were starting to teach Bolshevism.  The idea was to establish ever more centralized governments to grease the profit-making machinery.  Here is Antony Sutton’s summary.  “This handful of bankers and promoters was not Bolshevik, or Communist, or socialist, or Democrat, or even American.  Above all else these men wanted markets, preferably captive international markets – and a monopoly of the captive world market as the ultimate goal.”[vi]

In many ways the World Government of the monopolists has much in common with the vision put forth by HG Wells as first presented in his 1901 work: Anticipations.  In that book, Wells envisioned a “New Republic” run by technocrats using scientific principles that would eventually span the entire globe.  He predicted the massive suburban sprawl that would stretch all the way from New England to Washington, as well as the world of interstates and automobiles and trucks.  This “New Republic” would consist of a federation of regions, and he accurately predicted a European super-state and a union of the US, Canada and Mexico to be its’ component parts.

Then there is this disturbingly prescient prophesy.  The new World Government will be run by an “outspoken Secret Society,” an “open freemasonry,” with the “prominent men…openly affiliated.”  The new governing entity would operate under a “reconstructed ethical system” a “new ethics,” if you will.  This revamped morality will embrace something now somewhat anachronistically called, eugenics.[vii]  Now eugenics defines itself as the “self-direction of human evolution,” through means such as forced sterilization.  It was used as an apologetic for the racially-biased, anti-Semitic policies of the Nazis.[viii]  In Wells view it was to restrict the “procreation of base and servile types,” the “people of the Abyss,” such as Blacks, Jews, the diseased, the mentally deficient.  Only through the grace of the elite, would some of these defectives be allowed to survive, – so long that is “that they do not propagate.”  Should they violate that caveat, the elites “will not hesitate to kill when that sufferance is abused.”  Wells’s expands: “The men of the New Republic will not be squeamish, either in facing, or inflicting death.”  (You know, abortion & assisted suicide & euthanasia & the like!)  It was HG Wells own student, Julian Huxley, the first director of UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) that would write the ethic of that UN organization, stating that UNESCO, must revisit the idea of eugenics, – discredited after the Nazi practices of WWII, – in order “that what is now unthinkable may at least become thinkable.”  Ah, the culture of death!  Thus is the new ethic of people that brought us the UN.[ix]

Neither Wells affinity for eugenics nor his promotion of a New World Order based upon open occultism should come as any surprise to those who have even casually looked into the matter.  Take the eugenics issue first.  Wells was a lover of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood.  Sanger was the backer of something she dubbed the “Negro Project” aimed at reducing the birth rate in the black community and thereby controlling their numbers.  [We find Rockefeller money here too, supporting her projects.]  In the words of Killer Angels’ author George Grant, Sanger’s characteristics and causes included; ‘blatant racism, revolutionary socialism, sexual perversion.’  Even in the 1940’s, she was speaking openly about ways to address the “Negro Problem.”[x]  Wells and Sanger were of like mind when it came to their racist, eugenics bent. His was apparent in his futuristic writings.  This was the moral coin of the day.

As for occultism, – Wells was not a Freemason nor otherwise openly connected.  However he did adopt their ethic in his writings and is recommended on the Church of Satan’s fictional reading list.[xi]  His call for “open Freemasonry” was later restated by that high priestess of Theosophy herself, Alice Bailey, who predicted that a “restoration of the mysteries” would precede the New World Order and the coming of the New Age Christ or Antichrist.[xii]  In this both echoed Albert Pike himself who confirms the Masonic connection, calling for the same “restoration of the Mysteries” in his defining work, Morals and Dogma.[xiii]  So we have come full circle.  The Masons & Bildebergs & Theosophists, – the CFR, the RIIA, and Trilateral Commission, – the Rockefellers and Morgans and Warburgs and  Rothschilds, – New Agers and Neo-Pagans, and radical environmentalists and yes, even Satanists are all working for the same ultimate end.  In one way or another, they all have a part in the plan.

So we see today the internationalism of the Bildebergers, championed until his death, by the scion of the Rockefeller clan, the unapologetic David Rockefeller, – and allied with the same family and corporate interests that have existed for centuries.  The European Union is a product and a tool, as is the wished and planned for North American Union and the Mediterranean Union and the regional groupings forming in South America and Africa and Asia.  We’ve seen the evidence that this is the next phase of the agenda in the plan.

Through it all we must recall that this is at its source a war against not just Christianity but Jehovah God, the God of the Bible.  Here are the words of Revelation 17:12-14: And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.  These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.  These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them.”  That’s how this all turns out!  That’s THE PLAN!

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