Last time we talked about how the coming revolution was directed at reversing the legitimate and legal results of the election.  The aim is to overthrow the American Constitution and replace it with the Globalist Agenda.  We saw how the Enemy is inside the gate in the form of the Deep State and operatives like Special Prosecutor Mueller and National Security Chief HR McMaster.  But the overall aim is bigger than that.  This is a worldwide operation involving spiritual entities that have been operating on humankind since the Garden.  It is part of the Enemy’s End Times plan.  And in PART II we will begin to look at the genesis of this attempt at a New American Revolution.


“For our fight is not against any physical enemy: it is against organisations and powers that are spiritual. We are up against the unseen power that controls this dark world, and spiritual agents from the very headquarters of evil.” (Ephesians 6:12)

(JB Phillips NT)

Don’t fool yourselves! There are not many spontaneous revolutions.  The program for a French Revolution was laid out by the Masonic book La Franc-Maçonnerie, écrasée in 1746; a full 44 years before the event.[i] The October Revolution that saw Lenin and the Bolsheviks (Communists) seize power was a planned event.  And so what we see happening is America today is on the drawing boards of movers and planners with the means to finance the movement.  These, of course, include George Soros, whose funding supports many of the organizations involved in producing Antifa and other groups involved in the protests.  The violence was planned and paid for, thank you!  There was American government input into the Arab Spring long before its outbreak.  [And oh yeah, it just happened to serve Pentagon interests throughout the region, which included the fall of Libya, which in turn bequeathed us the disaster of Benghazi – which in turn was tied to the supplying of weapons to terror groups in Syria.  But all of that is another story.]  History is replete with evidence that shows the money ties between Wall Street and the Revolutions of the 20th century.  Going forward, this is a fact worth remembering.

Philosophy and creating a ‘moral foundation’ – (often phony) – for overturning the status quo is essential for its success.  So the operational phase of a revolt begins with a struggle to define the ‘Truth’ – however far from the real TRUTH that may be.  For this, the media is enlisted.  In this case, the mainstream media is almost completely onboard.  Dave Hodges points out that “98% of the media is controlled by globalist controlled business interests.”  These business interests are in turn tied to the central banking apparatus, like the Federal Reserve.  These are owned by what we can safely call the Illuminati-connected families that rule the world.  And thus we see the war against the alternative media waged by such entities as Google and Facebook and Youtube.  They are determined to suppress any opinion that would dare to challenge the corporate-financed, Deep State supported, globalist agenda.  (‘The news is what we say it is!’)

George Soros
Deep pockets for revolution

The Mainstream Media has done its job well, serving as willing toadies for this Deep State-promoted faux uprising.  They’ve dutifully pushed the Russia collusion lie without evidence.  [Even uber-Leftist Dean of the socialist Left legal mind, Alan Dershowitz has announced that even if collusion was found – (and he said it hadn’t been) – there would still be no legal grounds for impeachment.]  They have submissively suppressed real situations involving the Russians – on the part of the Democrats – involving such things as Hillary Clinton’s move while serving as Secretary of State to transfer control of 20% of American uranium to Moscow.  Just check out the Uranium One deal.  That move employed the supposed Independent Prosecutor Mueller to effect the transfer of the uranium to Russian officials.  But we mustn’t say anything about that.]  And now the corporate media is shilling for the Democrat cause by promoting a race war and a class war in the United States.  [However, Antifa did seem to go a little too far in attacking unarmed Trump supporters ….especially since it was all caught on film by the Independent Media.  Even the MSM was forced to backtrack and start criticizing the Antifa thugs.]


Still, all in all, the deck seems to be stacked against TRUTH and the people.  The Deep State is using the MSM to control the narrative and alternative points of view are being choked off.  [The challenge will be to continue communication through alternate channels.]  Communication represents the first stage of revolutions.  So says Dave Hodges.  History is our best teacher here.  “The Russian people were defeated by Stalin because they did not win stage one of the revolution.”[ii]  We are beginning to see the next phase of the revolutionary process.  The State is taking up arms against the citizenry.  Enemies have been identified.  They are Christians and anyone who supports the Constitution or is not enthusiastically in favor or the emerging socialistic globalist agenda.  Executive Orders have been put in place enabling the Federal government to control every aspect of our lives.


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[ii] Dave Hodges, The Deep State’s 3 Stage Revolution Against the People, The Common Sense Show, August 24, 2017

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