We saw last time that the forces that are promoting a New World Order have no loyalty to God or country.  Significant members of Britain’s aristocracy supported Hitler in the run-up to the Second World War.  Wall Street elements supported the rise of the Communists in Russia.  And with the exception of Churchill’s small cadre, all and sundry, including President Roosevelt were in favor of the betrayal at Munich, when British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain gave Hitler a major portion of Czechoslovakia to buy a peace that wouldn’t last two years.  Now some of those New World Order connections with the enemy continued – even during the war.   


Hitler’s Brown Shirts:
With the support of Anglo-American Bankers

Fact: The Anglo-American banking establishment was directly connected to the German banks financing of Hitler’s 300,000 plus brown shirt army.  Yet the cooperation of both British and American firms continued during the war itself.  In February of 1940, even the mainstream LIFE Magazine carried a story and pictures with the caption: “Oil for Germany moves in these tank cars of American Essolube and British Shell.”  While the British were at war with Germany, and America was decidedly hostile, British and American oil companies were feeding the Nazi war machine.  Essolube was part of the Rockefeller empire, – that again was directly connected to the Rothschilds and their confederates.  Rockefeller’s Standard oil again came to the rescue of the Germans when the Luftwaffe ran short of fuel, arranging transport of oil via Spanish tankers from their refinery on Aruba.  As late as 1945, almost one-half of Germany’s high-octane fuel needs were produced by IG Farben, which again, was intimately connected with – you guessed it, – Standard Oil.  IG Farben was also responsible for the production of Zykon-B, -the gas that was used in the gas chambers to exterminate the Jewish prisoners.[i]  It is interesting to note that it’s been reported that the facilities of IG Farben were never bombed by Allied bombers during the war, – and that it was the company’s American partners that negotiated that immunity.

There’s more.  ITT was supplying the Nazi war machine with telephones, radar equipment, air raid warning systems and tens of thousands of artillery fuses; – 50,000 a month in 1944.  GM owned Adam Opel and Ford had a wholly owned subsidiary in Cologne that were building German tanks.  The Duponts as well as Imperial Chemical of Britain were tied in with IG Farben, and both were indicted for it.  And a Philadelphia company controlled by Sweden’s SKF was supplying Hitler with ball bearings, shipping them to South America first.  Even one member of the American War Production Board was compromised; – his business partner being a close relative of Herman Goering, head of the German Luftwaffe.[ii]

There were other powerful American families involved.  The National Archives reveal that beginning in October of 1942, – after the US was at war with Germany, – the government seized the Union Banking Corporation under the Trading With The Enemy Act.  Directors of that firm included Prescott Bush, grandfather of President George W Bush, ‘Bunny’ Harriman, – from the powerful Democrat affiliated family, – and three Nazi businessmen.  Within weeks the assets of three more companies were seized.  One US government office announced that these companies had effectively “been operated by the German government” since 1939.  There is little dispute that during the run-up to war in the 1930’s the American partners were active in these business that contributed to the rearming of Germany and the consolidation of Nazi power.  Whether this continued after America’s entry into the war it is a little less clear.  The official Bush family position has been that these were mere holding companies for clients.  Still there is a direct connection with Fritz Thyssen, & the Consolidated Silesian Steel Company.   Thyssen’s German partners did use slave-labor from the concentration camps during the war.  Prescott Bush was further implicated by the US government as part of a joint ownership-group in another Nazi firm, the German Steel Trust, – through a system of interlocking directorates.  That company was responsible for supplying the German war effort with over half of its pig iron, over a third of its explosives and major portions of heavy plate, galvanized sheet, pipes & tubes, wire and other military-industrial needs.  One former prosecutor intimately familiar with the situation believes that the American owners knew exactly what they were doing.  He makes the case that Prescott Bush, his father-in-law (George Walker), and Harriman should have been prosecuted “for giving aid and comfort to the enemy.”[iii] [iv]

Jump forward to the 1970’s.  We see this elite group at work again, this time in the manipulation of currency values through the availability of oil.  It was at that time that the American super-diplomat, Henry Kissinger, – an admitted ‘Rockefeller man’ – arranged the removal of the dollar from the gold standard and the subsequent 400% rise in OPEC oil revenues.  Kissinger described the action as “recycling the petrodollar flows.”  The meeting that set up this new arrangement was conducted under the auspices of a super-secret group called the Bilderbergers.  It included of course Kissinger, and Brzesinski, as well as David Rockefeller himself.  Also represented was the CFR, Exon-Mobil, Atlantic Richfield, British Petroleum and the Warburgs among others.  The 1973 Yom Kippur war between the Arabs and Israel played right into the hands of this group.  It virtually guaranteed the huge price increase that the Bildebergs were seeking.  Whether planned or not, the removal of the dollar from the fixed exchange rate of the gold standard was an unmitigated disaster for America.  Inflation, unemployment & interest rates all shot up into double digits.  The US moved from being the world’s biggest creditor to its’ biggest debtor.[v]  As for the oil companies and banks and families represented at the Bilderberg confab: Their revenues shot through the roof.

Anglo-American foreign policy has become the provenance of the very, very rich, – regardless of political party.  In fact, ‘Party’ seems almost irrelevant to the ultimate goal.  As seen in the representation at the Bildeberger meetings, – the multi-national corporations were the money behind the policy.  Here’s the thread.  American and British policy is virtually dictated by the CFR, (or RIIA in Britain’s case).  The CFR is controlled not by diplomats but by the multi-nationals themselves.  Here’s just a few of the Fortune 500 companies with multiple Council Memberships, Directors or Partners on the CFR: US Steel, Mobil, IBM, Exxon, Chase Manhattan, JP Morgan and Co., Morgan Stanly, Lehman Brothers.    And their influence has been increasing exponentially since the end of World War II.

It was through CFR influence, (advanced specifically by a Rockefeller funded study), that the US entered into “full-blown imperialism,” during and after the War.  One chapter heading was even dubbed, Shaping a New World Order: The Council’s Blueprint for World Hegemony, 1939-1975.  Part of that blueprint included the Marshall Plan that used American dollars to save Western Europe from Communism while feeding those dollars to American companies in the process.  It brought us the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, under the control of British and American interests.  It also brought us the UN.  The policy that was being pursued through it all was, – ‘Unbridled Capitalism’.  The Rhodes Round Table plan had been to “gradually absorb the wealth of the world” as the means to establishing the New World Order.  The CFR was the means used to fashion the international system that would serve as the tool for accomplishing that.[vi]  Here are the words of longtime CFR member, US Rear Admiral Chester Ward, “The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is promoting the disarmament of US sovereignty and national independence and submergence into an all-powerful, one world government.[vii]  Admiral Ward tells us that the objective of the “most powerful clique in these elitist groups” is “a new political order.  In my view, the CFR represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power: political, monetary, intellectual, an ecclesiastical.”[viii]

Ultimately this is all tied back through the Rockefellers, and Morgans and Lehmans – to the Rothschilds and Warburgs and the like that gave them their start and then united with them in common cause.  Aware or not, that common cause is nothing less than the fulfillment of the Satanic vision of a world totally controlled; – in the economic, political and religious spheres.  They’re working for the coming of the Antichrist.  In his 1980’s book, The Armageddon Script, illuminist author Peter Lemesurier brazenly calls him by that very name, – ‘Antichrist’.  ‘The Plan’ is in place, – and working very well, thank you!  Scripture addresses this very thing in John 5:43.  “I have come in My Father’s name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own name, him you will receive.”

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