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911: THE SAUDIS, THE FEDS & THE ILLUMINATI – Though it’s something we all kind of knew, it’s becoming a little more official.  60 Minutes, the NY Post and other mainstream elements are all trumpeting the fact that elements of the US government conspired with the highly-placed Saudi officials to cover up the complicity of the Saudi government and even Prince Bandar of the Royal Family, in supporting the 911 hijackers.  There are 28 pages of an FBI report that have been redacted on foreign involvement in the 911 attacks.  A former FBI investigator says that Ambassador Bandar financed 2 of the hijackers through a third party.  Dozens of Saudi officials, including a member of the bin-Laden family, were spirited out of the country in the days after the attack.[i]  OK, so that’s the whole ‘complicity thing.  But it gets more convoluted than even that!Jump back to 1995.  That’s when Steve Jackson issued his Illuminati New World Order game, complete with the cards shown below.  That’s ... [More]


In order to understand the coming End Times religion of the Antichrist, we must first get a handle on the world’s first and on-going attempt to establish a human-generated, human-centered religion. After all, Alice Bailey, prophetess of the New Age, clearly teaches that the coming of the New Age ‘Christ’ (Antichrist), will be followed by the “definite restoration of the Mysteries” that age-old religion founded near the dawn of civilization itself.[i]   It’s all related. Man’s End Times rebellion has its roots in all those ancient forms of Satanic worship that have permeated societies from Egypt and Babylon to the present. If we understand its starting point we’ll be better able to comprehend how it is operating today – and how it all relates – even to things like economics & revolution. FOUNDATIONS OF THE MYSTERIES “And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had ... [More]


It never seems to stop.  Israelis face its threat every day.  The wave of mostly lone-wolf terror attacks started about 6 months ago.  It has taken many forms.  Prime Minister Netanyahu describes it.  “We are in an ongoing battle against terrorism; terrorism of knives, terrorism of shootings, of bombs, of rockets and even of tunnels.”  The PM was referring to a tunnel the IDF discovered using a new technology that ran as much as 130 feet underground, running from Gaza into Israeli proper.[i]  But the latest attack was the bombing of an empty bus that destroyed that vehicle, started a neighboring bus on fire and injured 21 people, some severely.  About 30 Israelis have been killed since this new round of violence began.  But the kill ratio has not been kind to the terrorists.  Around 200 Palestinians have died at the hands of IDF or other Israeli security forces while attempting to carry out attacks.  It is a math that defies logic, fed only by a deep-seated hate that has germinated for ... [More]


There’s some very real ‘STUFF’ [you can place a word of your choice there] -  going on the global financial front that may be signaling some sea-changing event.  On this last Monday, April 11th, the Fed’s Board of Governors held a closed-door “expedited special meeting” with President Obama and VP Biden present.  A second meeting was called for the next day.  The G20 Finance Ministers and the World Bank and IMF were in session around the same time.  The subject was “bank supervision.”  “The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta just revised US GDP growth for the first quarter to the precipice of recession at 0.1%.”  In Europe, Italy is dealing with 360 billion euros of bad loans and holding only 50 billion in reserve.[i]  Venezuela is suffering an economic meltdown with a nearly 500% inflation rate.[ii]  The global economy is in real trouble.  The back story to all of this may be, that as reported by Steve Quayle and other sources, China will be moving to a gold-backed currency, the yuan, on ... [More]

Yeah…..there’s Good News……

Devout Muslim Family Turns to the Lord When their Ailing Mother Sees Jesus and Is Healed – [Breaking Christian News reports the story of the conversion of a Middle Eastern Muslim family in their own words.]  “I am Fadila* (name changed).  I was born and brought up in an Arab family in the Middle East.  I was one of eight children.  My father had more than one wife.  My stepmother also had four children as my brothers and sisters.  I am presently working in a government institution.  I was a strong devotee of my religion of Islam.  I always wearing Abaya, which is a large, black cloak wrapped around the body.  On of my brothers got bad companions and he became alcoholic and drug addicted.  He always becoming violent and making noises to get money from home.  We were afraid.  So we lost our peace.  Maybe because of all these things my mother became sick.  One day my other brother brought two men into my house.  My brother introduced them, that they are the men of God and having gifts of ... [More]