JADE HELM 15 UPDATE - Won't go into the whole Jade Helm exercises again. You can look at last week's issue if you need context. But there are some new developments in the major military exercise that will be taking place this summer and ending on September 15th. ANP reports that an American military officer conducting a briefing for concerned civilians in Bastrop, Texas admitted that the drill will involve seizing citizens from a pre-determined list. The drills are scheduled to be held in the middle of the night. When asked whether soldiers will be knocking on any citizens doors, the briefing officer answered: "No, we shouldn't have to." He went on to indicate that helicopters would be deployed to certain neighborhoods during these theses nighttime drills.[i] Then there's the little bit of subliminal propaganda contained in why is this subliminal message about martial law being declared by the President after an outbreak appearing in a public service announcement for care giving put ... [More]


The Verdict of Reason I want to start by thanking Jerry Zeiss, the Science Guy, for so ably addressing the earth and related questions in ways that I could not have handled. While we’ve just about exhausted the space for the scientific arguments for a biblical worldview, we would do well here, before going forward, to review our starting points. We began by pointing out that every worldview; whether Biblical, Islamic, Eastern-Religious or Atheistic – must answer some very basic questions in order to prove valid. These are: origin, identity, meaning, morality and destiny. Or course these are all interrelated. Wrapped up in the answers is the most essential question of the existence and nature of God. The self-existent, eternal and all-powerful nature of a Theistic God will yield a different set of answers than the Pan-Theistic view which sees God as an irrational Force – or Materialism which posits no God – and a world defined by the accidental interplay of cosmic forces. The ... [More]


We’ve covered a long road in this series. We’ve surveyed what we can know about the coming One World Religion of the Antichrist. It’s time to cobble it all together as best we can. Observing the times and the seasons, many believe that we are on the threshold of this most historic time of prophetic fulfillment. For those who know Christ it will be a time that demands committed prayer and incredible faith, - but God has given us the tools to survive. Those who have not committed themselves to Jesus, God’s Son, will face a time of deception and chaos and unimaginable terror. THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN “Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is man’s all. For God will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing, whether good or evil.” (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14) Ever since the original deception in the Garden, mankind has willingly and willfully acted in cooperation with Satan. That alliance was formed on the basis of a lie; - an empty promise. Though “God ... [More]