We ended last time by taking a quick look at the Catholic Church and its position vis-à-vis Israel.  Despite superficial nods to Israel and the Jewish people, the Vatican continues to take a position contrary to biblical principles.  Scripture clearly assigns the Promised Land to Israel.  Prophecy foretold the return of the Jews in the End Times and their re-establishment as a nation.  Yet Pope Francis and the hierarchy of the Church reject those mandates and embrace a solution wherein the invented people called the Palestinians will share in the land assigned by God.  We will see today that this blindness goes even farther as it extends to official Catholic views on the exclusivity of Christ as the only means of salvation.  Even speaking from the Throne of Peter, no Pope has the authority to extend the terms of salvation.  The offer is to the entire world; Muslims, Hindus, animists, atheists, Buddhists, Sikhs, occultists, pagans, homosexuals, drunkards, thieves, adulterers, liars, ... [More]


The drive toward World Government is well underway – and has been for some time now.  We saw last time that part of their plan involves the reduction of the world’s population to somewhere around 500 million souls.  And that directly aligns with Scripture.  PART V – ORIGINS OF THE ILLUMINATI Start talking about the Illuminati and you become a marked man.  You’re a kook; a nutcase; tinfoil-hat-hat wearing right-wing lunatic who should be marginalized at the least – and ideally, put away for your own good.  But perhaps this is a good time to rehearse the origins of that group whose existence is so mocked and belittled.  The original Illuminati was formed by Adam Weishaupt in Ingolstadt in Germany on May 1, 1776.  It had its roots firmly planted in the Masonic movement and its express aim was to destroy both civil government and the Christian faith.  More specifically they were out to put an end to monarchies, private property and inheritances, patriotism, marriage, and religion.[i]  ... [More]