KOREAN UPDATE - This one updates every 15 minutes or so it seems.  Things are getting pretty serious on this front.  The news that set everything in motion is the latest missile test of an ICBM by North Korea.  After studying the flight path of the latest launch, experts are concluding that North Korean missiles have the range to hit the US mainland.  Some analysts think that even Chicago and possibly New York could be potential targets.  So the US seems to be getting more serious.  On July 31, President Trump promised to “take all necessary measures to protect” Japan….whatever that means.[i]  In the same time frame, the commander of America’s Pacific Air Forces said we were prepared to unleash “rapid, lethal and overwhelming force,” against the North.[ii]  And the Xinhua News Agency was reporting that the US was contemplating sending 2 aircraft carrier groups in to the waters off the Korean Peninsula.[iii] CHINA & RUSSIA STUFF – Now related to the Korean nuclear crisis are ... [More]


“We are declaring war on cash,” offered a spokesman for the VISA credit card company recently when that company rolled out their “Cashless Challenge program, which offers $10,000 to restaurants willing to transition into accepting only digital payments.”  That quote came from a Zero Hedge article which captures the meat of the current situation.  “Banks Are Scheming To Dominate A Future Cashless Society.”  This is something going on in not just America – in fact, we’re a little behind the curve in that game with other nations taking the lead.  And what this is about is about more than creating a convenient and efficient modern society.  “It’s about central planners solidifying control over the public’s wealth.”[i] Egon von Greyerz, a man who has been called a “legendary” financial analyst, puts it this way.  “The first reason for abolishing cash is to have total Big Brother control of the people’s spending and tax compliance. Remember that most countries had no income tax 100 years ... [More]


It’s hard for me to imagine a more difficult passage to write.  I am a lover of Israel, a believer, - as Scripture tells us, - that the territory of present day Israel and much more belong by right to God’s people, - the Jews.  Yet for centuries some powerful Jewish families have been party to a plot to control the Holy Land and eventually to create a world government organized along Luciferian lines.  I rely here  on the research of Jerry Golden, an Israeli Jew, a believer in Jeshua(Jesus),  as Messiah and a worker in the cause of aliyah; - bringing Jews from around the world to settle in the Land.  He too struggled with what he wrote, but over time has become convinced of those same connections between the Rothschilds, Freemasonry, the Illuminati and the ruling powers of Israel. PART XIII –   A GRAND DECEPTION It was present from the beginning.  David Ben Gurion was the first Prime Minister of modern Israel when it was formed back in 1948.  As a freedom fighter between the wars, he ... [More]