The crisis that won’t go away just got a whole lot hotter.  Expert analysis of the North Korean nuclear missile program has revealed two new – and very inconvenient truths.  Pyongyang has missiles that can reach just about anywhere in the mainland US – and – according to the New York Times: “Intelligence reports suggest that the North Koreans have figured out how to miniaturize a weapon.”  That means they can load it on the missiles they have and send them off to targets.  There may still be some delivery issues – but they are fast closing in on the answers to the technological questions.  Now they don’t have those same delivery issues with shorter range missiles, so the threats to South Korea, Japan, Guam (a US possession) and Hawaii, are very real indeed.[i]  The North’s leader, Kim Jong-un, as well as his toadies, have long made it a practice to threaten South Korea, and the United States, even threatening to turn Seoul, South Korea’s capital, into a “sea of fire.” Well, ... [More]


Last time we delved into the NWO connections between Freemasonry, the Rothschilds and certain elements in the modern state of Israel.  It all has to do with control of Jerusalem.  Freemasonry and the Illuminati are obsessed with the fate of that city.  It will serve as the center of the Antichrist’s empire during the Great Tribulation.  So now the connections are becoming clearer.   Astors & Morgans & Rockefellers & Warburgs and Rothschilds begat the CFR & Bildebergers & Masons & Illuminati.  Fellow travelers include the detritus of the New Age & Oprah & radical environmentalists & entrenched elements of the governments and diplomatic services in Great Britain & the US.  The plans for a New World Order are advancing on every front.  World Government is but a crisis away.  PART XIV –   THE END OF NATIONS   “In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single global authority.  National sovereignty ... [More]