America is under attack!  The Enemy has first hijacked the culture and in the process replaced TRUTH with the Big Lie.  He has lied to us about the nature of man, the definition of male and female and the value of life.  We have bought into the lie and embraced the LGBTQ agenda and since Roe v Wade in 1973, sacrificed 60 million babies on the altar of convenience and preference.  We have abandoned the Laws of God.  But there is a way back.  God has plotted it out for us. PART II – THE PATH TO RESTORATION We’ve been playing at God for some time now; redefining good and evil, darkness and light.  America’s sins are piled high.  Part of the landscape is an all-out assault against TRUTH.  That assault is being led by the mainstream media, the Democrat Party and the cowardly Republican Establishment.  In their minds it is a war to the death.  They will tell any lie, hide any truth, countenance any violence to achieve their end: to hold on to their grip on power.  To achieve it they are ... [More]


We’ve been looking at the ways and means used by the PTB in their drive to complete their One World Agenda.  We surveyed the ‘Network’ that holds it all together and took a brief look at some of the tools in their box like Environmentalism, Total Surveillance Technology, and the control of the Education System.  Today we’ll look at one their most savage tools: ‘BIG TERROR’! PART XVI –   BIG TERROR It’s like Big Oil or Big Pharma.  It is a force to be reckoned with.  I’m talking about ‘BIG TERROR.’  And it’s here to stay….because to the Powers-That-Be, it is just another weapon in their arsenal.  As we’ve seen from their own words with regard to the environmental and population issues: The ‘Powers-That-Be’ need not create the problem in order to use it to their advantage.  The modern version of terrorism was around before the creation of al-Qaeda and ISIS.  But the case has been well made that elements within the American power structure were key in the formation of both those ... [More]