The prepared story trumpeted by the Obama White House and the mainstream media that tells us that it surely was the Russians, or Russian-backed rebels behind the downing of the civilian airliner last week – just may be beginning to unravel. We were told all along that it was Russian President Vladimir Putin that was the dark moral force behind the deed. And while Putin is no paragon of virtue, it now turns out that it may have been the US & Western-backed Ukrainians with the bloody hands in this case. To begin with, much of the evidence that pointed to the Russians seemed to have been built around social media. But then US Intelligence noticed something strange. “The crew manning the suspected missile battery wearing what looked like Ukrainian army uniforms.” Still, US Military spokesmen were blaming the shoot-down on Ukrainian troops that had defected. Interesting indeed! As one investigative journalist put it: “US officials said it was possible the SA-11 [anti-aircraft missile] ... [More]


This is not a small thing! Israel has begun Operation Defensive Edge, employing 75,000 men in their drive into Gaza. But this is more than incursion. According to DEBKA: “Israel’s war leaders are drafting an operational plan for the military takeover of the Gaza Strip.”[i] The battle is becoming fierce. During the last month, Hamas has fired over 1,800 rockets into Israel. In midweek, the combat of the first few days of the operation has taken the lives of 186 Hamas operatives and 27 Israeli soldiers. The IDF has struck over 3,200 targets and discovered 23 secret tunnels and 36 shafts.[ii] It will take a bit of time to destroy them all. Now, flushed with early victories, Israel’s top combat commanders are urging “a large-scale assault on the subterranean complex housing Hamas’ top military command.”[iii] But the Israeli aims may be more than military. Prime Minister Netanyahu stated that he wants to undo the damage inflicted by the Disengagement; that event when Israel unilaterally ... [More]

E.T. Nephilim and The Antichrist. Oh My! Part 2

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E.T. Nephilim and The Antichrist. Oh My!

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