The state of the world continues to deteriorate. It would seem that ‘Chaos’ reigns supreme. But that is not actually the case. Much of what passes for anarchy is at least somewhat controlled and planned by the Powers-That-Be. It is all part of the plot to create a New World Order, a ten nation global confederacy and eventually a One World Government under the New Age Christ. The terror is but a tool toward that end. In his seminal 1980 book The Armageddon Script, Peter Lemesurier reveals the Illuminati plans to usher in the era of the New Age Christ. He lays out in detail just how the New World Order types plan to maintain the pressure that will create the conditions necessary for the rise of the Antichrist. Along with some very specific wars involving Israel, Korea and China / Taiwan, he talks of major terror attacks against Europe and the US involving weapons of mass destruction.[i] With that being said, let’s look as some of the specific threats that are darkening our ... [More]