The next round has begun. Citing the fact that ISIS or ISIL and related jihadi groups were about to launch attacks against the West – some of which would target passenger planes – the US and several allies launched, at this writing, nearly 200 attacks against the terrorists. One group, Khorasan, was said to be approaching the “execution phase”. The Daily Mail reported that the terrorists “planned to attack using bombs without metal parts, toothpaste tubes and clothes dipped in explosives.” The threat is very real – even if the CIA was somewhat complicit in creating this ISIS enemy, much as they did al-Qaeda. The Blaze TV’s For the Record documents the willingness and ability of ISIS fighters to launch terror attacks against the US. We’ve documented how ISIS forces have seized stocks of Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons (which didn’t exist). They’ve expressed a willingness and even an eagerness to use these weapons against the US. The US southern border is an open sieve where massive ... [More]