A STEP TOWARD WORLD GOVERNMENT – A UN climate change conference to be held this December will attempt to “establish a global regime, complete with a global court, global taxes and global enforcement mechanism.” These efforts are being supported by Pope Francis.[i] RUSSIA TARGETING US DOLLAR – Russia has been selling off US Treasuries. It’s all part of an attack against the dollar. A Washington Standard headline says it all. “PUTIN TARGETS US MONETARY SYSTEM: “AIMS TO ELIMINATE THE US DOLLAR AND THE EURO FROM TRADE”.[ii] [i] GLOBAL SUPREME COURT WILL BE USHERED IN THIS MONTH BY UN CLIMATE SUMMIT, Infowars, November 2, 2015 [ii]PUTIN TARGETS US MONETARY SYSTEM: “AIMS TO ELIMINATE THE US DOLLAR AND THE EURO FROM TRADE”, Washington Standard, September 2, 2015 ... [More]


In this series we’ve generally been looking at ‘events’ – short-term occurrences with prophetic significance. Starting in this installment I’d like to turn our attention to a long-term Biblical theme that has ridden down through the centuries yet has End Times implications; God’s heart of Israel. [I anticipate that this will be a series within a series.] ISRAEL & THE HEART OF GOD - 1 There have been two constants that run through history, no matter how one might parse it: Man’s rebellion against God and a hate for God’s People, Israel. This is true from the ancient Persians to the modern ones, the Iranians; from the Romans to the Islamists to the Palestinians to the Nazis and Communists; from overtly persecuting nations like the Germans of WWII to persecuted nations like the Poles. Jew hatred runs deep. That hatred is driven by something called Replacement Theology (RT). It is the notion that the Jews have been set aside; that they have forfeited the promises of and the ... [More]


If you’ve been paying attention at all you know the news. Israel has been under attack by ‘lone’ terrorists since October 1st. In that first month-long wave of violence, 9 Israelis have been shot or stabbed with knives or screwdrivers and murdered. More often the attacks have not gone well for the Palestinian assassins. Whether at the hands of Israeli security forces or armed civilians, 52 would be attackers have paid the ultimate price. (But the press, the NPR types, have even used this failure on the part of the assassins as another tool with which to bash the Israelis. Perhaps more Israelis should have let the knife-wielding Palestinians finish the job. It would have made for better press and public sympathy.) The origins of the violence seems to be centered around increasing tensions at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. Rapture Ready’s Terry James explains. “The great military hero, Israel's General Moshe Dyan, following the June 1967 Six Day War, it is sad to say, prepared ... [More]