A STEP TOWARD WORLD GOVERNMENT – A UN climate change conference to be held this December will attempt to “establish a global regime, complete with a global court, global taxes and global enforcement mechanism.” These efforts are being supported by Pope Francis.[i] RUSSIA TARGETING US DOLLAR – Russia has been selling off US Treasuries. It’s all part of an attack against the dollar. A Washington Standard headline says it all. “PUTIN TARGETS US MONETARY SYSTEM: “AIMS TO ELIMINATE THE US DOLLAR AND THE EURO FROM TRADE”.[ii] [i] GLOBAL SUPREME COURT WILL BE USHERED IN THIS MONTH BY UN CLIMATE SUMMIT, Infowars, November 2, 2015 [ii]PUTIN TARGETS US MONETARY SYSTEM: “AIMS TO ELIMINATE THE US DOLLAR AND THE EURO FROM TRADE”, Washington Standard, September 2, 2015 ... [More]


CELEBRATING DEATH – Leading presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, thought it a good idea to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the opening of the first Planned Parenthood clinic; the organization responsible for the killing of millions of unborn babies. It is also good to note that its founder, Margaret Sanger “promoted the sterilization and use of birth control for those – mainly minorities – with qualities she considered less desirable for the human race.” She was the promoter of the Negro Project which sought to limit the population of the Black race through abortion and birth control. Dr Susan Berry writes in Breitbart: “Sanger’s philosophy has continued to this day. The Guttmacher Institute reported black women are five times more likely to undergo an abortion than white women. Similarly, last year, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Office released a report that revealed more black babies are aborted than are born in that city. Yet New York City Mayor Bill ... [More]


APOCALYPTIC HEAT WAVE - Here’s a report from Arutz Sheva, or Israel National News. “On the same weekend in which it threatened to "annihilate" Israel following the nuclear deal it struck with global powers, Iran experienced a mind-boggling 164 degrees (73 Celsius) heat index reading last Friday, in what some might see as a warning by the Almighty Himself that all options are on the table.”[i] WICCA: NOT SO INNOCENT - Go online to any number of Wiccan forums and you will see nothing by categorical denials that they are Satan worshipers or practitioners of human sacrifice. But an event in Florida has given the lie to those claims. An NBC News report characterized the murder as a “Wiccan ritual killing” related to the “blue moon.” Law enforcement officials cited “The injuries to the victims, the positions of the bodies and also the person of interest right now is also a practitioner,” as evidence of the connection to Wicca. [i] Apocalpytic Iran Heat Wave Nearly Breaks World Record, ... [More]


A WORD ABOUT JADE HELM – Listen, I’ve got my tinfoil hat right next to me here, but I’m just not sure whether I should be putting it on or not. On the one hand, I know that this military training operation is very real and that the US Military will be practicing techniques and operations that can be turned against the American public. On the other hand, some of the claims about what this entails and what it is really about seem to stretch credulity to the limit. Let’s start by defining what we’re talking about. In the words of ANP: “From July 15th to September 15th of 2015, the US Army's Green Berets, US Navy Seals, US Marines Special Ops Command and US Air Force Special Ops Command will be taking part in 'Jade Helm 15', 8 weeks of night time drills in 7 states in the southwestern portion of America in which the states of Texas and Utah are both labeled 'hostile' territory in the 'drills' as outlined in more detail in the US Army Special Ops Command documents.”[i] Next comes the ... [More]

Short Takes

NOTE: Due to space considerations we will continue the the REAL ISLAM series next week. SUPREME COURT FOLLY – The High Court refused let stand 5 lower court rulings that overturned the bans against same-sex marriage. This will open the way for another 11 states to join the same sex marriage bandwagon, meaning 30 states will soon legally approve this re-definition of marriage.[i] A PHONY STATE – Sweeden has announced that it will soon become the first state to recognize the Palestine as a sovereign nation.[ii] And THAT is prophetically significant. Scripture seems to teach that a phony Palestinian state will be established near the Time of the End, but that it will not exercise real naional function and that its leadership will be destroyed. If this is a trend that gaiins momentum, this could signal the near onset of the Psalm 83 War in which a confederacy of Arab nations surrounding Israel, including the Palestinians, attempt a war of destruction against the Jewish state and are ... [More]