Welcome to the Revolution.  Those are the words that greet you when you visit the website of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA.  But they are right.  America is facing a Revolution.  But it’s not what you think.  It’s not Left against Right, Antifa against Fascist or Deep State / Establishment against Trump.  Yes, all of these are going on – but they are only tools, symptoms of something much deeper and darker.  This is a war, a rebellion by vested government and bureaucratic interests – the Deep State, if you will – against the legally constituted, constitutional authority of the United States of America.  American globalists are waging war against the people of this nation.  And unless we see the hand of God intervene, it is likely to get very ugly, very quickly.  PART I – SETTING THE TABLE Charlottesville was instructive.  The first images, the first spin on the story by the mainstream media painted one picture – of virulent White supremacists squaring off against the noble, ... [More]


We’ve covered here before how a Korean nuclear crisis is part of the Illuminati plan to get the world to accept the New Age Christ.  They wrote about it back in the early 1980s.  In the last week we got several steps closer to a shooting war on the peninsula.  North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb and claims the ability to mount it on an ICBM.  The US and South Korea responded with live-fire drills and the movement of strategic weapons to the area.  Then Pyongyang threatened an attack on the US power grid.  They bragged that this new hydrogen bomb “is a multifunctional thermonuclear nuke with great destructive power which can be detonated even at high altitudes for super-powerful EMP attack.”[i]  An EMP could take out the power of much or nearly all of America for an indeterminate amount of time causing millions of deaths as it disrupted food and fuel distribution, hospitals and transportation networks.  In addition it could spread radioactive fallout across wide areas increasing its ... [More]


As we saw last time, Communism had a plan for the future of the United States of America.  The details of that plan were entered into the Congressional Record back in 1963.  So much of that plan has been fulfilled since then.  All of the Democrat and a major portion of the leadership of the Republican Party has been captured for globalist-socialism.  Higher education has become a breeding ground for Communist propaganda disguised as education, and a fulcrum for anti-American sentiment and rioting.  The Mainstream Media has been fully taken over the Founding Fathers, along with their republican – (with a small R) principles totally discredited.  God and His moral laws have been removed from the public square.  Abortion and Euthanasia undermine the sanctity of life.  The LGBTQ agenda rots the moral fiber of a confused nation.  How did it get this way?  It was part of the plan.  And it was financed and supported by men with great power.  The rich were financing the revolution.  It has ... [More]