We must always understand one thing.  The chaos that has descended upon America and the West is the result of conscious choice.  It is a self-inflicted wound.  What CS Lewis wrote in A Pilgrim’s Regress can be applied to our fading culture today.  “You don’t know the difference between what nature has meant for nourishment, and what it meant for garbage.”  This self-inflicted wound we have sustained is the result of the moral confusion of an age that tries to justify every conceivable behavior and lifestyle.  Case in point: Christ Church in Alexandria, VA, just across the river from our nation’s capital.  George Washington worshiped there as a founding member when its doors were opened in 1773.  Now he is no longer welcome. The Board of Vestry there voted that a plaque honoring his presence must be taken down.  George, it seems, is a bit too controversial.  His presence – even if only in plaque form it seems, is “chasing away would-be parishioners.”  A plate honoring another ... [More]


We’ve been looking at the fruit of the ‘Religion of Peace.’  We noted terror attack after terror attack.  What is our response?  And just what is driving these attacks?  What is the character of the religion that produces such blind hatred?  PART II – NOW….AS IN THE BEGINNING A week or so out from the New York City attack we see a response to terror that has become typical in the West.  It is already the hallmark of European politicians.  And now we in the US are beginning to adapt the same tactic.  Preemptive surrender!  New York City’s Deputy Police Commissioner John Miller set the stage with these remarks.  “This is not about Islam.”  OK, let’s stop right there.  It is absolutely about Islam.  Not all Muslims are violent.  But hidden – and not very well hidden I might add – within the text of their scriptures are calls for violent actions against the unbelievers.  If you’re a Christian, a Jew, a Buddhist or an atheist – that includes you.  So let’s go back to the Deputy ... [More]


The big news about November 4th – was that it never really turned into big news.  Protesters hit the streets in numerous cities – but when you really come down to it, not very many.  In some they were actually outnumbered by their police escorts. PART X – THE BIG FIZZLE & THE BIG SLAUGHTER Despite a full page ad taken out in the New York Times national edition, the Antifa protests to bring down the ‘Trump-Pence Regime’ never really amounted to much at all.  Los Angeles could boast a couple thousand and in New York and Philadelphia protestors numbered in the hundreds, but elsewhere would see a few dozen at best.[i]  In Austin they could only gather about 20.  The Austin Statesman reported: “Counterprotesters outnumbered 3-to-1 the anti-fascism group that gathered at Austin City Hall on Saturday to protest the Trump Administration. By 3 p.m., the 20 or so members of the Antifa group were marching toward the Texas Capitol, still dogged by 75 from the opposing group, several of whom ... [More]


Very little in the affairs of men occurs by accident.  The destiny of nations are decided.  Great men rise and fall.  Revolutions sweep across peoples and regions.  It is all, to some degree orchestrated by the Powers That Be.  [Take the Arab Spring.  There was little that was organic or accidental about all of that.  We were planning with the rebel’s months before it occurred.  And the results just happened to fit the Pentagon’s New Plan for reshaping the region.  (We’ve covered that all before.)]  Still, it seems strange that this should come as much of a surprise.  After all, it’s the Middle East.  Yet with North Korean intransigence soaking up so many of the international headlines….but perhaps that was part of the plan.  Now all of sudden, the mainstream press is warning of impending war breaking out.  It is all starting with an escalation of the long-running feud between Saudi Arabia and Iran. First there was a missile attack on the Saudi capital Riyadh from Yemen.  The Saudis ... [More]