In this series we’ve watched God’s hand at work as He determined and guided history toward the end of His choosing – all the while allowing mankind its’ free will. Individuals and nations have conspired and plotted and operated to thwart the will of God – but always without success. The Gog / Magog invasion of Israel will be a major rebellion against the proclamations and purposes of the God of the Universe. It will fail. What follows that hubristic and ill-fated rebellion is a time of revelation to the nations, as they see God’s Will come to pass, despite the plans of man.  THE FURY OF THE LORD “Therefore, son of man, prophesy and say to Gog, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD: “On that day when My people Israel dwell safely, will you not know it? Then you will come from your place out of the far north, you and many peoples with you, all of them riding on horses, a great company and a mighty army. You will come up against My people Israel like a cloud, to cover the land. It will be in the ... [More]


The Jews have been gathered from the nations, brought back to the land. The threat from her near neighbors is over. Israel has defeated Esau and Edom and Philistia and Syria, and possessed the land given by the promise of God. The Palestinian problem is solved. It is a time of peace. But Satan is not yet through with Israel.  GOG & MAGOG COMMETH In this series we have been trying to establish an order of events. Using Isaiah 17, Amos 9, Jeremiah 24 and Ezekiel chapters 36-43, as well as other passages, we may have found such an order.   The Jews begin to return to the land The prophesied war with Syria and the Palestinians etc. Peace and a sense of security that follows that war The Gog / Magog invasion The completion of the Temple in Jerusalem   Beginning in chapter 38, Ezekiel reveals an amazing prophecy of the war to follow. “Now the word of the LORD came to me, saying, “Son of man, set your face against Gog, of the land of Magog, ... [More]


Admittedly, handicapping the future unfolding of prophecy is not a perfect science. Still certain truths can be stated with certainty. In other cases we can begin to see the outlines of fulfillment in today’s headlines.   The daily unfolding of the conflict between Israel and Hamas is driving home the immanency of the next war on the prophetic horizon; the Psalm 83 War. As I write this a little over a week ahead of publication, the Israeli Air Force has destroyed 40 Gaza mosques that have been turned into storage centers for rockets and other weapons. The IDF continues to destroy tunnels. And an Israeli officer has been kidnapped by Hamas, putting an end to a 72 hour truce.[i] [ii] THE NEXT PROPHETIC WAR Scripture tells us clearly that the nation of Israel faces a tough road in the last days. From Scripture it appears that there are two prophetic wars facing the Jewish nation before the return of Messiah Jesus. Most are aware of the famous Gog-Magog prophecies found in Ezekiel, ... [More]


So we’ve quickly surveyed Israel’s history from its twin scattering by the Romans in 70AD and 132AD up through the centuries until about the dawn of the 20th century. We’ve also looked at the amazing prophetic fulfillment that Israel’s reestablishment in 1948 represented. It was amazing to see that a word given to the prophet Ezekiel and applied to the principles laid out in the Book of Leviticus – correctly prophesied the return of God’s people to statehood status in May of 1948 – exactly when it happened. In PART III we’ll look at 20th century events that led to that fulfillment of national destiny. Israel reborn is the theme of so many prophetic scripture and of the purposes of God. It is truly amazing to be living in such prophetic times as these; on the very cusp of the End of the Age. THE PURPOSES OF GOD “For the children of Israel shall abide many days without king or prince, without sacrifice or sacred pillar, without ephod or teraphim.” (Hosea 3:4) “On that day I will ... [More]


We do well to note that this is being published in a time when Israel is so intimately involved in its centuries-long struggle with its enemies. Another chapter is being written in that long chronicle. And in each installment, God has proven the integrity of His Word. So to the history!. God had promised the Holy Land to Israel. Then, in punishment for their unbelief, they were removed from the land for a time; - yet with the Divine assurance that they would one day return. THE RETURN “This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I will take the Israelites out of the nations where they have gone. I will gather them from all around and bring them back into their own land. I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel. ….They will live in the land I gave to my servant Jacob, the land where your fathers lived. They and their children and their children's children will live there forever”. (Ezek. 37:21-22, 25) Recall that in putting down the Jewish Rebellion of AD 70 ... [More]