We’ve been working our way through the examples of just how the ancient principle of the Shemitah has manifested in history. We’ve seen how this seventh year financial Sabbath has marked both the year – and often the very day of the greatest financial collapses including the onset of the Great Depression, the Stock Market plunge that followed the 9/11 attacks in 2001 and the record setting Wall Street tumble of 2008. We are coming upon another ‘year of the Shemitah.’ What may it mean to our future? THE NEXT SHEMITAH Before we examine the implications the Shemitah may have for our future we should make ourselves aware of some amazing facts. Whether one thinks this whole Shemitah thing has merit – or is a monumental set of coincidences – it is good to understand just what happened. Recall that the Shemitah marks the end of a seven year cycle. That seven year cycle that ended September 29, 2008, began on September 17, 2001 – the very day of the crash of 2001 – which followed and was ... [More]


Last week we reintroduced the concept of the Shemitah. It is a principle of Scriptures found in the Old Testament wherein every seventh year a Sabbath year was to be observed. As described by one writer: It was a time “when all working of the land ceased, the land rested. This took place every seventh year. On the last day of that year, all debts were wiped away, all credit was nullified, the financial accounts of the nation were, in effect, wiped clean. Later on, in Israel’s history, as the nation turned away from God, the Shemitah became a sign and manifestation of judgment, the kingdom’s destruction in 586 B.C. and its exile in Babylon were timed to the years of the Shemitah.”[i] In this installment we’ll look a bit at the historical workings of the Shemitah and begin to explore what it could mean to our future. [This series is based, of course, on the work of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, head of Hope of the World Ministries. For a deeper understanding of these concepts I recommend that you ... [More]


Perhaps the most important new development in prophecy right now are the revelations being brought forth regarding the operation of a little-understood biblical principle found in the Old Testament. In Hebrew it is called the Shemitah. It refers to a once-every-seven-years Sabbath for the land – and it seems to affect everything from the economy to the fall of nations. We will rely on the work of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn in this series that will bring out some of the highlights of this amazing principle that would very well affect the destiny of the nation…and our world.  GETTING STARTED Rabbi Jonathan Cahn was on the Sid Roth Show on September 1, 2014. Here’s how he introduced the concept of the Shemitah. “The Shemitah is an ancient mystery going back over three thousand years that goes back to Moses and Mt Sinai, affecting everything from 9/11 to the rise and fall of the economy to the crashing of the stock market to the rise and fall of nations; everything from World War I, World War ... [More]