• THE NEW INTIFADA: Palestinians in ‘Days of Rage.’ Hamas launching missiles against Israelis.
  • NORTH KOREAN THREAT: Kim’s ICBS can hit anywhere in US. Tokyo, Hawaii, drilling for nuclear war.  Bases anti-missile bases to be set up on US Pacific coast.  Senator Graham calls for evac of military dependents from Korea.
  • Fire on the mountain

  • FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN: Southern California is on fire.  High winds making it hard to fight.  Thousands of evacuations.  Dozens of homes destroyed.  Heading toward Los Angeles.
  • CANNIBALISM ON THE RISE: Yeah, you read that right. It is the subject of some Hollywood movies. So called ‘intellectuals’ are arguing for it.  And some scientists are working on synthetic human meat made in the laboratory.  This is truly sick and extremely demonic.

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